#395: Fuller House

*Featured Image by @BSJett


Christmas trees, Santa rates and Bry becomes testy with a purveyor of hamburgers.



Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Frank #5

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave

Chuck Staton


“Santa up top, Elf down below” – Bry

“He’s the Ming Chen of Santa Claus” – Bry

“I can pleasure someone once a year” – Frank 5

Memorable Moments:

Recorded after the latest Frank 5’s Rewind.

The 5 household has no tree due to an argument Frank and Mrs. 5 had years prior.  Mrs. 5 was too short to decorate the top of the tree and Frank didn’t want to be bothered with it.

Gitem’s dad walled off his favorite tree spot to build a bathroom so Gitem doesn’t decorate either.

Edgar warns Bry about a Christmas tree shortage.

Megan Kelly is in trouble for laughing about the notion of a non-white non-male Santa.

Chuck hired a Santa for his Christmas Comedy show leading Walt to wonder how much Santa’s make an hour.  This Santa showed up three hours early and stayed late in case people wanted pictures.  Bry wants to create a gender fluid Santa “St. Nick without a Dick”

Gitem reveals he was afraid of Santa as a child.  Walt says this explains why he never fully warmed up to Bryan.

A Texas man is arrested for telling kids there were no Santa at a Santa breakfast at a church.  A substitute teacher tells first graders that there is no Santa, Tooth Fairy, or Easter Bunny.

The guys read more Christmas Letters from the Ants.

Bryan tells of a time he regifted a rose on Valentines day by giving the one his girlfriend gave to him to the girl he was cheating on her with.


TESD – Baby It’s Cold Outside

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