#396: Fitbit Follies

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Bry, Walt, and Q talk about the holidays. Bry and Q have a movie night.



Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave

Chuck Staton

Father Lance



“I’m supposed to walk away from 40 bucks because this fuck can’t do her job?” – Bry about the PetSmart worker

“Yea, I’m the crazy one for not wanting to give a corporation all my information.  I’m the asshole!” – Bry

Memorable Moments:

Bry makes a New Years resolution not to explode at the little things anymore.  He’s broken it already for getting frustrated at a make up girl insisting he give his phone number for the sale to go through.  Reminiscent of not wanting to give the deli guy his number in episode #202: Retarded Ejaculation

Gitem says he uses 867-5309 whenever people ask for his number since “young kids don’t know that song”

Erik diagnoses Bry with intermittent explosive disorder.  Sage tries to get Bryan to calm down with deep breathes and a mantra of “I’m a Calm Boy.”

Walt says he wants to change the words “psychoanalyst and psychiatrist” to something softer to avoid the stigma.

Q spends Xmas and New Years Eve alone with his cats playing Red Dead Redemption 2, by his own volition.

Pam ruins Bryan’s Christmas by asking him to get her Fitbit password from Suzanne right in front of his new girlfriend Maribeth.  She refuses to drop it after several requests causing Bry to leave in the middle of dinner and proceed to “tie one on”.

Bry talks about a priest who had a heart attack in the middle of a sermon when he was a kid.  Chuck has a similar tale of how a priest had a stroke during Catholic school.

Q reveals he had a stroke on stage in Baltimore but he still finished the performance.

Q and Bry have a movie night where they watch Golden Girls, The House that Jack Built, Crazy Rich Asians, and Moon.

Bry see’s the Clint Eastwood movie “The Mule” wants to start a new reality show “Mexico’s Next Top Mule.”

Walt insists he must be rubbing off on Gitem as Gitem became appalled that Carson Daily would talk about Chrissy Teigen’s vaginal steaming live on New Years Eve 15 minutes before the ball drops.

Bry swears he saw two people having sex live on ABC’s New Years Eve coverage.


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