#398: Max Factor

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An old friend sits in for Q.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Maxwell


“I’m not above something in my ass” – Maxwell

“But why is your asshole so loose?” – Bry

“Please don’t use that as an excuse as to why you and Mike are taking off your clothes during slow hours!”  Walt to Gitem about the heat setting in the store.

“They labeled me a pill junkie, I am a pot head!” – Maxwell

Memorable Moments:

Brian Maxwell returns North and sits in with TESD.  After Bry and Walt start the show off with impressions Maxwell admits he isn’t very impressed with the level of impersonation.

Bry claims to know how it feels to be a true outsider after listening to Walt talk to Maxwell and his clan about Football.

Walt thinks Russia hacking is to blame that Comic Book Men was cancelled.

The guys talk about the American journalist that was beheaded.  It was reported that the head assassin was told to put his ear buds in to make the task easier.  Walt asks what track would you play on your murder soundtrack.  Maxwell selects The Eagles, Bry wants classical music, Walt says Korn.  Walt says he can’t listen to Korn while driving because he just wants to ram into people.

Maxwell says he would have no qualms killing a baby to save himself from nazis.  A nazi baby factory is discussed where they tried to breed the perfect specimen.  Walt claims they wanted women who could pull plows.

Maxwell talks about breaking his back at work and having to live with it for years with no insurance.

Maxwell and Walt debate what is normal vs abnormal.  Is smoking pot normal?  Is not eating sandwiches?  The world may never know.

How did Maxwell hypothetically, allegedly smuggle pot into Jersey.

Maxwell the softie can’t kill a deer with a bow.

Walt blows up SModfan’s anonymity when Maxwell plugs the TESD Omnibus.

Maxwell has trouble coming up with a movie he hasn’t liked in the past year.


Solar Warden – Interdimensional Penis

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