#399: Wrestlerama

*Featured Image by BSJett


Tom Brady takes a drubbing. Walt’s jelly over Bry and Q gettin’ lovey dovey.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave


“You can still kiss him on the lips, let’s just not do it on film” – Walt as Tom Brady’s life consultant.

“You know what bothers me about this little asshole?” – Walt on a 10 year old scientist.

“I’m sure Father Lance was like, Woof Woof Woof!” – Walt about a Pittsburgh news segment.

“Tom Brady is a dirty cheater.” – Bry

“You want people to kiss your penis.” – Gitem as his supermarket manager

“I went up to Qs.  we were going to watch the Wrestlerama.” – Bry

“When you say ‘Have you ever identified with a character’ my first thought was Randal from Clerks, not now I’m magical!” – Bry

Reoccurring Segments:

Fat Newz:  A woman is removed from an airline after fatshaming her two neighbors by calling them Big Pigs.

Memorable Moments:

A young Gitem thought he could cheat the 1-900 numbers by hanging up at 59 seconds since he cut the call before the first minute.  That’s not how it worked and his father got hit with a 600 dollar bill.

A 10 year old student wins first place in his Science Fair that proves irrevocably that Tom Brady is a cheater.  Walt is not amused.

Harry Potter calls out Tom Brady for having a MAGA hat in his locker.

A Pittsburgh news report calls Brady a Cheater in the on screen graphics.

Walt wants to befriend Tom Brady and help him with these PR disasters.

Gitem was called to his managers office with his union rep as an overnight Supermarket cashier for a comment he made about waiting for a Mistletoe Belt Buckle.

Ted Bundy and BTK docs are discussed.

Q calls in to talk about a lovely evening he had with Bry and Troy enjoying a roaring fire, some home made mulled cider, and watching the Royal Rumble.  They all laugh at the 1993 debut of a wrestler named The ShockMaster.

The IJ cruise is set to embark next week.  Episode 400 is set to be a return to form of classic TESD says Q.  Walt asks Curator to compile a best of list.

Sage open-hand slaps Bry while he’s sleeping and calls herself the Prankmaster.

Walt reveals he saw the movie Glass and now believes he has empathetic super powers.  He could tell someone was trying to break into an home that wasn’t theirs and could tell that a conversation overheard in a crowded restaurant was in fact a sketchy con an older man was trying to pull on a young woman.  Walt does nothing with his premonitions to warn the victims.

Gitem says he and Mike believe the ghost of Marc still hangs out at the Stash.


Blood Moons – Flying Without Feathers

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