#400: Makin’ Hay 3

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The boys celebrate 400 episodes by completing a trilogy almost a decade in the making


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn


“I fucked him, oh, umm, deeper” – Bry

“What a dummy.  What an insufferable dummy!”- Bry

“You have the PCP?” – Walt

“I’ll cut your dick off in the bathtub son!” – Bry

“He’s 500 lbs but at least he’s got brown hair!” – Bry about 2011 Bry

“I’m washing your back you can wash my back, and my backside!” – Walt about Gitem

“I don’t think I want to shit on that many people.” – Q

“You were a banker?  Dennis was a sperm banker, he left deposits all over!” – Bry

“It’s the Tom Bradys vs the Rams?” – Bry

“You stepped in it!” – Keith

Reoccurring Segments:

Fat Newz:  Fat airline passenger demands a stewardess to pull his pants down and wipe his ass for him.

Memorable Moments:

Bry loses the card with the last episode on it causing him to have to use goPro footage instead.  Walt thinks Bry should start leaving the card in Gitems responsible hands.

Bry accuses Chris Laudando of having loose lips about the ep 400 spectacular.

Gitem and Chris get into an online argument about the smirking MAGA hat kid while Gitem was supposed to be posting eBay auctions.  Laudando contacts Walt about it causing Walt to get annoyed.

Walt says that Mike and Ming’s ‘Takin’ Hay’ is now non-cannon in the Makin’ Hay trilogy, just like the all chick Ghostbusters.

Leslie Jones is upset that there is a new Ghostbusters coming out with the original cast.  Walt thinks Bry and Q should give a Space Monkeys commentary track about the Ghostbusters reboot.

At Collingswood the guys stop at Cutting Edge Weapons.  Q starts spreading a rumor about Dennis the magazine guy being a ladies man who has bedded all the female shopkeepers.  Bry promises to tase Maribeth in her sleep should they get over 100k patreon subscribers.

Walt imagines Collingswood in the 1970s to be like Studio 54.

As an 8th grader Bry’s mom Pam brought him home a severed finger in formaldehyde to play with.

Walt wants to take his daughter Alicia to the Office musical for her birthday.

While talking to the pickle stand lady Walt and Bry reminisce about a hazing ritual the high schoolers would pull on incoming 8th graders where they would stick a pickle up their ass and make them run the bases of a baseball field.  If the pickle fell they would force the 8th grader to take a bite and repeat.  Bry carried around a machete for the entire summer to protect himself from this torment.

The smoke shop and cellphone stand owner Keith recognizes Q from TV and punches him in the gut repeatedly trying to out-prank him by yelling “You Stepped in It!” .   He also has a knee-slapper he tells to guys there with their girlfriends asking if he saw the customer there with a different girl the day before.  Keith is well regarded as the biggest asshole in Collingswood.

Walt confuses a bong with a sex aid and asks if people could get off blowing smoke up their partners asses.

The foam store has taken over Dennis’ old space.  Q peels off a poster to reveal Dennis’ old sign.

The new magazine guy is Darren who purchased it from Jim who took it over from Dennis.  Walt is relieved to hear that Dennis still lives and wants to commission a statue of him to place in Collingswood.

The guys talk to the foam lady.

Tina X returns!  Q tries to seduce her away from her boyfriend.


Vicky Pezza – This Song is About Brian ‘Q’ Quinn of TV’s Impractical Jokers

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