#400.1: Making Haystory

*Featured Image by Chuck Staton


Part 2 of the best episode of the best podcast ever. Famous TESDtown residents stop by to play some games.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave


Sunday Jeff

Father Lance

Chris Laudando

Frank #5


“This is my time to shine!” – Sunday Jeff

“Mike, do you want to touch it with a ten foot pole?” – Ming

“I was waiting for this podcast to be aborted” – Chris Laudando

“How many times, Sunday Jeff, do you go on the internet and it’s NOT accidental? – Bry

“Excuse me, I just gotta wipe this shit off my lip.” – Q

Games Played:

All Apologies:  Multiple choice questions about a scenario which demanded a real life apology.  If you guess wrong you must give an emphatic apology about a theoretical scenario which will be judged.

Elephants in the Room:  Each team must give a two minute podcast on Hot Button topics.

Cryptic Riddles:  Figure out Blue Baron’s cryptic riddles to guess an overall topic.

Are You Smarter than a 148:  Gitem and the contestants both must answer tricky questions.  If Gitem gets it wrong and you get it right you get double points.

Professor Impresser:  Give a speech about how life would be different if certain hypotheticals were true.

Memorable Moments:

Walt and Gitem host this all game episode as teams I Sell Comics, TESD, and SunTroy Jeff go head to head to head.  Father Lance, Chris Laudando, and Mr and Mr.s 5 act as judges.

Walt pulls an audible halfway through All Apologies when the teams keep getting the questions right and demands they all give an apology.

Chris Laudando starts giving scores including decimal points up to the thousandths place to throw off Gitem’s score-keeping.

The Blue Baron returns to give more cryptic riddles.  Bry and Q are much better this time around.


Vicky Pezza – No Need to Roofie

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