#401: After the Glory

*Featured Image by @PinballTwinz


Hot off the stunning reception of episode 400, Bry, Walt, and Q do a 401st episode.
Joey Fatone calls in.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave

Joey Fatone


“I’m such a bad boy!” – Joey Fatone

“You should see- oh I- I’ve seened what they write about those two, it’s horrible.” ~Walt

“Yeah, you like this?  They call me Mr. Jelly Cock.” – Bry

“Why do you think I’m in this cast?  I’ve been jerking off so much I can’t get a hand job.” – Q

“I pulled my groin and also my shaft is hurting.” – Walt to a hypothetical masseuse

“I’m going to tell Maribeth to lock up the guns tonight because I can see in your eyes you made a mistake.” – Walt

“Who produced it?  Simmy?” – Q

“It’s time to start fighting the man instead of being the man.” – Walt to Bry

Memorable Moments:

Walt has been getting complaints about his love of Tom Brady.  In other Patriots news, owner Robert Kraft  has been caught in a prostitution sting at an Asian massage parlor.  There are rumors another big fish was caught too and Walt prays it’s not Tom.

Q and Bry have returned from the 3rd Jokers Cruise.  Q says the Space Monkeys show was the best one yet and features all four Jokers plus Jiggy and other guests.  It will be uploaded as a Patreon show later.  Q’s punishment for Bryan’s tardiness last year as detailed in #356: Better Late Than Never was for Bryan to teach Yoga for 30 minutes in front of over 100 people.

Walt admits to wanting to try yoga, not for the eastern mysticism but to be more pliable.  He wonders if he should ask Gitem to help limber him up.

Gitem is wearing gigantic fuzzy slippers in hopes of getting attention much like Q did with his #074: SkeleToes.  Q gives Gitem the validation he was looking for.

Q has heard Bry has been pissing off long time fans of TESD.  A long time dedicated ant was found to have fallen off the wagon after some button drama stemming from the previous Jokers Cruise and Bry’s subsequent reaction.  The guys all voiced their dismay over losing a die hard ant and Bry offered an apology.  Walt suggests that if this ant will join the Patreon at the 100 dollar level Q should give her his private number.  In a happy ending the ant has decided to return to the anthill.

The Pinball twinz will be returning to the Chicago Stern Pinball Tournament this year.  They are offering a raffle where the grand prize is a date with Bri.

Bry reveals that Sage has been watching YouTube video challenges and cutting up socks all over the house.  Bry mentions a 48 hour challenge that tells kids to disappear for 48 hours in order to scare their parents.  They win points based on frantic social media posts.  Bry thinks this idea is way to similar to their idea for #306: #Funeralz

Q and Joe are hosting a gala for their photography gallery this weekend.  Walt wants to know if Q would feel comfortable doing Boudoir photos.

Bry becomes a hero to some local kids at a middle school basketball game when he questions the authority of a teacher who yelled at them to stop stomping their feet on the bleachers.  Walt says Bry needs to return to sticking up for the little guys.

Q thinks marriage licenses need to be renewed like drivers licenses.

Walt calls out for artwork to use for new TESD shirts.

Joey Fatone calls in to promote his new podcast “Two Cups of Joe.”  He discusses the Masked Singer and how Q kept his secret.  Future guests on “Two Cups of Joe” include Donnie Wahlburg, Robin Thicke, and Jonny Damon.  Walt offers to give him Sunday Jeff and Chris Laudando’s numbers if he wants another big get.

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