Takin’ Hay (Cryptozoic Man Bonus Pod)

Pod Description:

The third podcast in the Cryptozoic Man booty time bundle.  Mike and Ming throw down on a bonus pod for listeners who supported the comic.  The Unofficial/Official Makin’Hay III.


Mike Zapcic

Ming Chen

Walt Flanagan

Marc Costello


“I have to destroy people’s dreams on a daily basis” – Mike

“You tell them they have shit in a box!” – Walt to Mike

“You’re just a very depressed soul.” – Psychic Cynthia to Walt

“Don’t touch an Asian Man’s computer!” – Ming hiding his porn

Memorable Moments:

Walt chastises Ming for taking so long to put Takin’ Hay together.

Marc, Ming, Mike, Rob Bruce, and Walt are all featured on this episode as interviews taken at several different trips to Collingwood are compiled for this podcast.

The first two interviews are immediately shut down when vendors do not want to answer the hard hitting questions that Ming is asking.  Ming keeps trying to record on the sly without consent but is caught.

Ming claims he is a luminary since he is on TV.

Mike talks about Storage Auction etiquette and how when you win a unit you are supposed to do due diligence to try and get personal items such as photos and letters back to the owner but people at Collingwood usually ignore this rule.

An old lady who doesn’t even know who Mike and Ming are asks for a picture just because she sees other people asking.

Because of Comic Book Men more people try to sell shit at the Stash and Mike sends them to the flea market instead.

Ira the porn guy returns and Mike and Ming list off different porn categories for almost a minute.   Ira does not see the appeal of Asian porn because they are flat chested and flat assed.  Ming takes offense.

Mike recalls one time he bought a porn video from Ira for a bachelor party because it was rumored to star an adult Cindy Brady, was disappointed that Ira was selling bootlegs.

Mike and Ming talk about Erik Johnson visiting the Stash and retelling the time Bryan put a black dildo in his school bag.

Mike, Ming, and Walt get their fortunes told by the Amazing Cynthia who also sells handbags.  Ming is told he will move to California and meet a new woman.  Walt is told he is a depressed bachelor.  Cynthia backtracks several times when she realizes she is wrong.  When it comes to Mike she refuses to be recorded.

Dennis the magazine guy has sold his business to a young buck named James.  Mike insists on calling him and his employee Dennis Junior.  Rob Bruce believes that Dennis had something to do with the great Collingwood fire in the 90s.

Mike buys Ming a playboy featuring Ashley DuPree, the mistress who took down Elliot Spitzer.  This woman opened up a shop in Red Bank around this time.

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