#403: Rock and Roll Fantasy

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Walt, Bry, & Q head to the Big Easy where Q buys a smut piece.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn


“Can you sit naked on a tree stump?” – Walt

“I got pictures of naked ladies, lyin’ on the bed.” -Walt singing WASP

“Back then I fucked like a beast, then I fucked plenty OF beasts” – Bry

“Did you watch Rambo?  Nuff Said.” – Walt on Q’s new outlook on Vietnam

“It’s hard to be a heavy metal guy in 2019.” – Walt

“Don’t you need a shot just to get a hard-on?”- Q to Bry

“If Mom and Dad come over is your fucking smut piece on the table?” – Walt to Q

“That makes me fucking horny… for monsters!” – Walt

Memorable Moments:

Why does slang have to evolve?  Happy Days kept the word “cool” alive.

Q thinks about the Vietnam war from the perspective of the Vietnamese.

Q agrees with Walt that T2 is the greatest sequel in movie  history.  Walt drops some trivia that WASP frontman Blacky Lawless was slated to play the T-1000.  Walt has a newfound respect for WASP in 2019.  He introduces Q to the song “Fuck Like a Beast”.

Americans have turned their back on Metal.  The great metal bands need to tour in Europe to make a living.

Q, Bry, and Walt talk about the trip to New Orleans for the shoot of Jay and Silent Bob Reboot.  They had to be on set by 2 but didn’t shoot their scene until almost 11.  Q was impressed with how professional Jay was during this movie.  Walt claims it is due to his wife Jordan, who had to keep Q in line for goofing off.

The guys all take in the St Patricks Day parade on Canal Street and Bourbon Street.  Bry is amused to see Walt in this setting usually reserved for drunken party-goers.  Walt and Q pelt a pest control van with beads.  Q gets everyone up to a balcony at Saints and Sinners on Bourbon Street.  Ming shows up late with two girls and their old uncle.  Q gets caught in conversation with uncle for 45 minutes.

Walt wanted to break into an abandoned Six Flags amusement park that was never reopened after Katrina.  They are thwarted by a 70 year old security guard.  Walt asks Q how much he would bribe the old guy to let them in. 

Bry ridicules Walt for his fancy coin purse.  Mike and Ming join in happy to not be in the cross hairs for a while.

Walt and Q compete to who can check into the hotel first.  Q takes a plane while Walt and the guys drove for days.  Walt says its the Tortoise V the Hare.  Q checks in minutes before Walt.

Q buys a risque bronze statue for 400 dollars talked down from 1500.  Q thinks it is a find on the level of the Prussian Kissing Devil Skull.  Walt is embarrassed by it.

In other smut news, Q is having his basement redone in the house he grew up in and an old Penthouse, Shaved Magazine, and two panties from previous conquests are found in a wall.

NJ overturns a law that forbids gay conversion therapy.

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