#404: Romancing the Stone


Things get serious as the guys talk about Bry’s latest health issue and what crimes do and don’t deserve incarceration


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn


“Don’t want these pice of shit cars next to my celebrity car!” – Bry as Q talking to a valet parking attendant.

“It’s just so weird to all of a sudden to just appear nude.” – Walt

“You should be sterilized, I’m not even kidding.” – Bry

“That’s why you gotta bring the hammer down on Aunt Becky” – Q

“I haven’t stolen cable in decades!” – Walt

“If Impractical Jokers goes down, TruTV goes away!” – Q

“She’s evil on the level of what, Idi Amin?” – Walt

Memorable Moments:

Bry has got a big fat kidney stone and has to go to the hospital.  He has to be given morphine for the pain, Walt claims he now knows what women feel like during child birth.  Bry’s doctor describes him as stoic during his stay.  Walt says he refuses to get nude for female doctors.

Q enjoys the show “What we do in the Shadows“.  The vampires live in Staten Island.

Discussing Q’s erotic statue from New Orleans, Bry asks his girlfriend Maribeth what she would do if he had brought it home.  She would not have minded as long as she could have gotten a gender swapped one with two dudes.  “Challenge Accepted” says Bry.

Walt asks if Q has lost the sense of the value of a dollar.  Q admits he is not as frugal as he once was.

Is “Scream like a little girl” hate speech?  Q has to say “Scream like a little kid.” instead.

TESD is leaving the SmodCast network for bandwidth issues, not any scandalous reason.  All TESD episodes are now hosted on http://www.tellemstevedave.com

TV’s Aunt Becky is going to get jail time for the scandal of how she bribed a college, cheated, and lied to get her daughter into college.  Walt defends her actions while Bry vilifies her.   Bry wonders if there will be any Caged Heat scenarios.  Would Q go the extra mile and use his influence to get his nephew into the College of Staten Island?

When is it acceptable to throw around some cash to get special treatment.  You do it at restaurants to get a good table.  You do it at a nightclub to get in faster.  You do it to get a close spot at the valet.

Kim Kardashian says she will be a lawyer within 3 years.  Bry doesn’t see this happening.  Walt says he will have to offer a formal apology if it does.

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