#405: Jurassic Dorks

  • Featured Image by u/Benjamin-Cat on Reddit


Q and Git ‘Em plan a Vegas trip. Walt dismisses Paleontologists dressed in their Sunday best. Bry is triggered by a 40 year old game show.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave

13%er Bailey


“I think you’d be a good neighbor too, I’m a good neighbor as well.  I think we’d be the ultimate neighbors.” – Walt to Bry

“I’m aghast and befuddled.” – Bry

“I admit that’s a dinosaur that even I never heard of.” – Gitem

“You make it hard to compliment you.” – Q to Gitem

“Has the son become the father?” – Walt to Bry about inheriting Edgar’s anger.

“There is a reason it went extinct, it was weak!” – Walt

“Sacre Blu!  More like Notre Flame.” – Bry

“I don’t wanna ride an 18 year old, I mean I do but not in that way.” – Q

“Eathworms have multiple hearts? Where? I mean they barely have a body. What are they all heart? Like Tom Brady?” – Walt

Memorable Moments:

Q decides he wants to bring Gitem to Vegas.  Walt says it’s OK as long as he’s back to work for Wednesday.  Walt imagines their trip to be a Rain Man situation as Gitem has been known to count cards while watching the game show Card Sharks.

Walt claims to have taken Gitem to Atlantic City one time and notes how Gitem was staring in wonder at the sights.  Bry is quick to point out it was to deliver boxes of stuff for a Con.

Bry has been getting incredibly annoyed at the level of stupid answers contestants and celebrities have been giving in old reruns of Match Game he’s been watching, especially Patti Deutsch.

Gitem poses his theory that frequent Match Game guest Gary Burghoff was undiagnosed Autsitc to the Match Game subreddit.

Bry notices that the house next door to Walt is in pre-foreclosure and contemplates a life living next to Walt.  He imagines Walt’s wife making Walt come over to tell Bry to turn the music down.  Gitem asks what Walt would do if he heard blood curdling screams coming from Bry’s place, would he call the police?

Earlier in the Stash Walt and Gitem got into a heated debate about the existence of certain dinosaurs.  Walt questions Brontosauruses due to their long necks and blood flow as well as Stegosauruses and how they would mate without killing each other.  A real life paleontologist, dressed all up in Garmany suits, shambles over and puts in his two cents.  He claims that Brontosauruses had multiple hearts, Walt says scientists just make shit up to deny God.

Walt thinks that some telescope pictures are fake citing a scientist claiming he found a penguin on Mars.   

Q thinks people who don’t have kids to replace themselves should be able to use science to live forever.  He tells Walt that he will remember him fondly.  If we start terraforming Mars would Q get a first class ticket to colonize a new planet.  Did they send commedians over on the “Tanta Maria”?

Should we put shackles on what science should be able to do?  What about experiments like those done by the Nazis or Unit 731?

Q accidentally likes a porn video put up by an old friend of his he’s known from before her acting career and gets a backlash of confused and horrified IJ fans.  Q questions why people don’t expect him to just be a normal dude.

Bry calls a 13%er Bailey who was among the first to call out Q’s faux pas.   Q offers to give up twitter for 6 months and abstain from sex in atonement.

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