#406: The Slippery Slope of Satanism

*Featured Image by Eric Mason


Easter doings. Walt goes bananas. Vegas trip update.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave


“He was definitely double-jointed or something and he wanted to show us.” – Walt

“You fucked us, you fucked me, you fucked Q.” – Bry to Gitem

“I don’t know if this is your normal island time that you live in, on someone else’s dime!” -Walt

“Why are we pretending that everyone doesn’t like their cock sucked or sucking on a cock?” – Bry

“You don’t think a class trip, a class of kindergartners through third grade should walk through the fellatio wing?” – Walt

“I killed a T-Rex, me and the whole clan, and then we got blowjobs afterwards.” – Walt

“It’s about hashtag time, Walt!” – Q

Reoccurring Segments:

Fat Newz:  Thor is now fat in the newest Avengers movie, people are complaining that weight is being the butt of jokes.

The airline passenger that demanded an attendant wipe his butt, as mentioned in episode  #400: Makin’ Hay 3, has died.

Memorable Moments:

Gitem has still not given Q a definitive answer about going to Vegas with him, citing difficulty finding someone to take care of the horses while he is gone.  His cop father warns him not to stray from the Strip telling him of crazy Vegas crime.  The two week wait has caused all the first class tickets to be sold out and regular seats to skyrocket.
Walt offers to watch the horses as long as he doesn’t have to shovel shit and Gitem teaches him how not to get kicked.
Q questions Gitem’s friendship as he has turned down many of Q’s generous thoughts:  The tooth auction, the weight loss prize money, and the Vegas trip.
Walt and family visit Salem, MA for a family trip and stop at the Church of Satan.  It is slightly less spooky by the Cumberland Farms right next door.  Only Walt and Alicia dare to enter.  The caretaker is odd and Walt swears he has goat legs.  The tour is disappointing but the statue of Baphomet with two children is awesome.


A neighborhood woman tears down someone’s Easter display for being too risque.

In Poland protesters are staging an “eat-in” where they sexually eat bananas after the museum is forced to censor a piece of art where a woman is seen doing the same.  Walt is on the side of censorship, Bry questions if the banana’s are as bad as Mapplethorpe

Walt claims Q is their snootiest friend with his artwork and numerous fancy chandeliers.

Walt and Q discuss Avengers Endgame.  The gay character has been chastised for not being gay enough and the “Girl Power” moment was seen as pandering.

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