#407: Hair by Jeffrëy

*Featured Image by Reddit User u/briargrim


Bry, Walt, & Sunday Jeff talk about a high school porn star, match game and fallen celebs.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Sunday Jeff


“Have you seen a baby come out of a fuckin’ womb?  It’s better than that!” – Walt about Casper Mattresses coming out of the box.

Why don’t they sell Party City some hydrogen?” – Bry

“Toast her, she’s naked and masturbating on film!” – Bry

“Daddy, Daddy.  I want balloons.” – Walt as Sunday Chloe

“The rich and powerful will still be able to have balloon parties.” – Walt

Memorable Moments:

Walt is pleased to see positivity on the internet instead of the usual trolling when he comes across the r/toastme reddit board where people say nice things about each other.  Bry thinks that these people are  just fishing for compliments.  He goes through several posts offering up advice to the posters who are going through hard times.

Sunday Jeff is saving some money by cutting his own hair.  Walt thinks he does such a good job that he should think about opening his own barber shop.

More Match Game ’78 talk as Bryan watched Brett Somers try three times to talk about political issues with host Gene Rayburn shutting her down.

In a Casper ad Jeff reveals he enjoys reading Fangoria magazine in bed.  Walt doesn’t like the commercial shitting on the middle man.

A high school newspaper in Stockton, California does an expose on a student who works as a porn star.  In other news a yearbook editor censors a students MAGA shirt.

Walt tells the guys about a world wide helium shortage.  He worries that Party City will not be able to survive and that helium balloons are getting too expensive.

Tim Conway and Doris Day both die this past week making for a very somber time at the Stash.  Frank 5 managed to get Walt a signed picture of Tim Conway before his passing.

Walt does not like the small talk at hair cut places.  He is still too embarrassed to say he sells comics.

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