#409: No More Periods, Period!

*Featured Image from bsjett


IG dummy destroys a statue, Walt loves Aladdin, Bry deals with holiday traffic


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Mentioned Person:


“You can’t marry an Irish!  They’re all wife-beating drunks!” – Q

“I know my personality’s not all that good and I know how a mirror works, so I know that’s not it!” – Bry

“I met a nice boy.” – Walt

“You may think over the years that the troops have gave a lot fut that’s nothing compared to Walt Flanagan coming in an hour early.” – Bry

“Bring the creator to me.  I wish to bestow my friendship upon him.”- Bry as King Q

Memorable Moments:

Traffic apps have given unfair advantage to out of towners who now know about the back roads to avoid highways making Bry’s drive to Pam and Edgar’s to pick up Sage take over an hour for an 8 mile journey.  Bry was planning to take her to the pool but upon arrival Pam tells him that Sage’s “lady friend” was visiting making Bry wonder why she didn’t tell him that BEFORE he made the long drive.
Q’s dad is going deaf and is losing hearing in the higher octave range of women and children.  The doctor offer’s to fix it but he declines saying he’s fine with it.
Walt is surprised that Q is in to model trains despite having spoke about it before on episode #232: Pride Before Pillows


Bry and Q think Walt should unionize the Stash as he is not getting holiday time and a half pay for working on Memorial Day.

Walt sees the Aladdin remake with his wife and claims it is better than the original.

Q wants to befriend the creators of “What we Do in the Shadows” like he did with Justin Roiland and Iain Kevin Morris

Walt delivers Patreon merch to Bry’s house and Bry has him walk in on Maribeth not wearing any pants, embarrassing him.

Q and Bry retell how their respective parents met.  Q’s dad was working on Wall Street getting drunk every lunch hour with the boys when the bosses sent his mom and other secretaries to make sure that didn’t happen any more.  Q’s maternal grandmother was originally so against her daughter marrying an Irish.  Bry’s dad was in military school and met Pam at a flower show.

An Instagram model smashes the nose off of a 200 year old statue.

Pam completes what is now a trilogy of Shane: Heir to the Throne.  Bry is looking for Ants who are willing to be editors.  Two chapters of the first book were read in early episodes #039: Please Stand By and #042: Joseph, No!

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