#410: BM Bounty Hunters

*Featured Image from bsjett


Walt & Git ‘Em conspire to cheat animal services. Bry & Mike envision a 2nd career


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Mike Zapcic

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave

Mentioned Person:


“Thank God I got that fuckin’ kissing disease!” – Walt thankful he didn’t become a cement head in college.

“I’m going to put you out of your misery.” – Walt

“We have casual Friday everyday here at the Stash.  So casual Gitem thinks he can take his socks off.” – Walt

“I was more proud of fixing that sink than being on TV for seven years.” – Bry

Memorable Moments:

Bry becomes a dottering old man losing his train of thought mid story.

Bry discovers a new reality show to hate watch:  How far is Tattoo far, hosted by Snooki.  In it couples who are going though tough times pick out tattoos for their partners to get. In one instance a girl who thinks her husband spends too much time working on his car makes him get a tattoo of him fucking his car.   Walt reveals if he had to choose a car to love it would be Herbie the Love Bug.

Bry is considering getting some tattoo cover ups:  his tribal tattoo and a Calvin and Hobbes tattoo that represents a former relationship.  Walt wonders why he doesn’t have his Nazi War of the Undead tattoo covered.  Walt and Bry reminisce about a tattoo covered couple who would shop at the Stash and shamed people with Calvin and Hobbes tattoos.

Does Bry need a GrandPad?

Walt tries to figure out Bryan and Maribeth’s relationship, could she have crossed some wires with drug use?  Bry refutes this saying she was so straight until she met him.

Walt announces he has to cut the show short because another wild animal got caught in his wood burning stove just like as discussed in episode #312: Tan & Poisoned

Would Gitem be willing to attempt to DYI remove a kidney stone from Johnson’s Johnson?  He thinks with some gloves, tweezers, a vacuum pump and some Natty he could.

Bry has plumbing issues in his kitchen sink and his landlord sends the same incompetent handyman three times who fails to solve the issue.  Bry watches a 4 minute YouTube clip and fixes it himself.

Mike and Bryan contemplate a future in Bounty Hunting.

Mike claims Navy Seals use Poodle Dogs.

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