#411: Auditory Promised Land

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How does one address casual anti-semitism from a new relative? Join Casey Bry, Walt, and Q along with special guest Casey Jost to find out!


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Casey Jost

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave

Mentioned Person:


“Everything is boner related here.” – Q

“You shoulda heard the rapport me and da UPS guy had just earlier.  Aww my Chandelier. Oh Chessie!” – Bry as Q

“Sucking your own dick probably feels a lot more like sucking a dick than getting your dick sucked.” – Casey

“We’ll see next time there’s a bird in his house how his tune changes.” – Gitem

“He’s got a lot to say but not a lot to show.” – Casey about Gitem

“I love that you steal the youth from these women.” -Q about Bryan

Memorable Moments:

Justin Bieber has challenged Tom Cruise, who is 31 years his senior, to a MMA fight in the Octagon.  Bry asks Q to challenge someone an equal age distance from him, Q says he would kick an 11 year old’s ass.  Bry suggests Rod Stewart, Danny DeVito or Gary Busey.

Which famous Hollywood rumor would Q want attributed to him:  Richard Gere’s gerbil up the ass, Rod Stewarts belly full of Rugby Team Semen, or Marilyn Manson’s rib removal for self sucking?

Bry and Walt remember a kid who got knocked out in high school who laughed his head off because he came too with a boner even though he couldn’t move his legs.

Gitem talks about high school fights being broken up by the “famous” Father Ed.

Q’s mom calls during the show so he puts her on speaker phone.  Q is amused answering the phone on his watch like Dick Tracy.

Bry finds a new trend of prank jokes on You Tube.


Walt did not enjoy the latest Godzilla movie feeling they took too many liberties with the monsters and spends too much time with human drama.

Walt has found a new solution to block out the morning sun.  Rather than sticking his head under his Casper Mattress he now wears the Black DareDevil mask that Sunday Jeff wore for the Incredible Hulk episode of Frank 5’s Rewind.

Q spies his UPS driving kicking a package up his driveway and now doesn’t know how to act around him.

Q laughs at a video of Sage failing to do a backflip into a swimming pool, but his friend think’s its awful to laugh because she has Down Syndrome.  Q says he just sees her as a normal kid and would laugh at anyone in that situation.

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