#412: Fancy Pants

*Featured Image by Alicia Flanagan as a fathers day gift to Walt


Q grouses about a favor Bry asked. Walt demonstrates a show of wealth.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Mike Zapcic

Ming Chen


“I can’t do anything anyway, I’m engaged.” – Bry

“I don’t want that going on where I’m eating.” – Q

“Mike gives an awesome handjob, it’s like amazing.” – Bry

“If I wasn’t hot being a podcast artist, I’d be a sandwich artist.” – Bry

“The biggest problem about Shard Universe questions are those guys are going to answer them!” – Bry

“No pink…. on my burgers, bro.” – Walt

Memorable Moments:

Walt loves Father’s Day so much he wishes it was twice a year.

Bry recounts the Washington Con he attended with Mike and Ming.  As a Prank Superstar he attempted to get Ming beat up by Carl Weathers who was seated at the booth next to them.  Bry wrote a note that said “Carl Weathers ain’t Shit” and signed it Ming Chen and later told Ming that Carl wanted to meet him hoping he’d go over there and introduce himself.
Bry FaceTimes Q from the Con on Q’s day off in hopes of selling a 20 dollar autograph.
Ming prefers to hang out with random girls and go do hijynx in local WalMarts than hang out with Mike, Bry and fans.
At an Ant meet-up Bry pulls another prank by sending drinks over to a group of three women claiming them to be from an engaged ant named Frank.  He later goes over to the women and says Frank looked at his bank account and can’t cover them after all just to watch them get annoyed.  Frank is later revealed to be engaged so couldn’t have done anything anyway.  This Frank is dubbed Frank 7 and recorded the Comic Book Men panel at the Con which is played at the end of this episode.
Bry mentions that Frank 3 should be stripped of his title since he’s gone radio silent.  Walt thinks they should serve him papers to get him to respond.
Walt thinks he got hoodwinked by The Denim Surgeon when he went in to get some army cargo pants tapered.  As Walt is getting changed behind a flimsy shower curtain, Ming walks in to pick up some pants and chat with the tailor.  Ming is only charged a cup of coffee for the alterations and is shocked to see Walt at the shop.  Ming recounts his version of the events on The Ming and Mike Show.  As Walt checks out he is flabbergasted the bill comes to close to 200 dollars to tailor two 30 dollar pairs of pants.  Q assures him the cost is reasonable and Walt wasn’t taken for a ride.
Hot off the heels of I Sell Comics ep. 300 listener feedback was so positive of Walt, Bry, and Qs comics discussion that they have requested a monthly podcast from Walt and Q talking comics.  Q suggests calling it We Buy Comics.
TESD reads an ad for an erectile dysfunction drug making Walt apprehensive about the topic.  Q just wants free samples.
Bry makes a “yo Mamma” joke that doesn’t quite land so Q offers to test it in front of a 5000 person crowd at a Tenderloins show.  The audience agrees with the original response and gives a resounding boo.
During the Comic Book Men panel at the Washington Con it is revealed that Ming and Mike paid rent to someone that wasn’t really their landlord for several months and were almost kicked out for being squatters.
Mike recounts the tale of a kid trying to resell a Batman ring that he stole from the Stash.

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