#413: Bagel Shrimp


*Featured Image by Declan Quinn


Who did what on the 4th, IJ shoots their 200th episode, Walt never saw Willy Wonka.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Mike Zapcic

Ming Chen


“Your dad cock is so hot, I wanna get me some.” – Bry

“Oh yea, I’m just as guilty as Bagel Shrimp.” – Walt

“The reek that must be coming from there, John Wayne Gacy’s basement smelled better.” – Bry about Gitem’s room without AC

“It’s not a ponytail, it’s a bun!” – Jay defending his hairstyle to the security guard.

“He’s so excited, he’s running around telling everyone about him and nobody knows who he is.” – An old lady at Applebees about Bry

Memorable Moments:

This episode is recorded in the haunted Secret Stash basement for unknown reasons.

Gitem has been living without air conditioning for two weeks as he would rather hunt down an elusive part to a 30 year old unit than buy a new one.

Walt mentions taking his young niece to Sesame Place and pondered at the people who wear full clothes in the water areas.  What skin disease are they hiding under there?

Q recalls the days when his cop uncle would confiscate illegal fireworks only to bring them to his house to light them off back in the 80s.

Bry and Sage stayed in a cabin with Maribeth and her family on the way to Youngstown Comic Con for the 4th of July.  They are put in the basement with bunk beds.  Walt says the only reason he would ever invite his daughter’s much older boyfriend on a family vacation is to kill him discreetly.

At Youngstown Con Bry has to break up a scuffle between a security guard and Jay Mewes.  The guard tries to evict Jay claiming he was mouthy to him despite the fact Jay was one of the bigger names at the Con.  The guard kept calling him “Ponytail boy” which annoyed Jay.

After the Con Bry, Sage, and Maribeth stop at an Applebee’s for dinner.  A waiter recognizes Bry from Comic Book Men and is very excited.  Bry felt good about himself for about 15 minutes until a lady in a table near them exclaimed no one cared who he was.

Impractical Jokers filmed its 200th episode.  Jay and Kev appear in character as Jay and Silent Bob.

A grotesquely short guy has a melt-down at a bagel shop in Long Island claiming women don’t give him the time of day on dating sites.  Bry and Q feel bad for him, nickname him Bagel Shrimp.

Jason Mamoa is being fat shamed for not being in AquaMan shape, despite still having sick abs.

Millie Bobbie Brown from Stranger Things looks a lot like Jay Mewes.

mewes 11.jpg

Q voices his dislike of Funko Pops.  Walt believes this is just because they never licensed IJ pops.

Ant Matt Brady sent in audio from Youngstown Comic Book Men panel

Young Ming trash picks a technodrome from a neighbor and later has to give it back.

Comic Book Men season 2 moments are discussed such as the Mike and Ming wedding and a scene that never got released of a reenactment of Ming sleeping and showering in the Stash basement after getting kicked out by his wife.  Ming was played by a midget in the reenactment.  A smoke machine gets the fire brigade sent to the Stash and ruins taping.

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