#414: This Shithole Earth

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Q falls repeatedly and can’t get up, Walt’s cops a blasé attitude toward aliens.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn


“Walt Flanagan wants to block your cock, that’s the way it is.  You heard it here.” – Bry

“So Tuesday the aliens arrive, they hover over New York City, Wednesday you’re coming into work?” – Q

“I’ve seen seniors in nursing homes fall more gracefully than this.” – Walt on Q.

“Father Lance, save us from the aliens.” – Bry

“SargeL, save us from the aliens if Father Lance can’t.” – Walt

“Suddenly it’s Malcolm F over here.” – Bry about Walt saying they need to break laws to get to the truth.

“Suck my alien dick right now. ” – Bry

“If I was down there all I’d eat is fish.” – Bry about Fentenyl fish.

Memorable Moments:

Q bemoans getting older as his body starts breaking down.  His motorcycle tipped on him and he has video footage from his home security cameras of him falling on his ass trying to avoid stepping on a cat.

Gitem diagnoses Walt with plantar’s heel.

Walt goes out to the Gitem estate for the first time ever in order to film documentary footage for the patreon reward “Day in the Life” as he does his daily chores.  Gitem does not allow Walt into his home though.

Bagel Shrimp is cashing in on his 15 minutes of fame going on the Stern show and boxing “Bed Intruder Guy” Antoine Dodson.

Would Q ever consider doing celebrity boxing?  Walt remembers Danny Bonaduce going crazy boxing Donny Osmund and the crazy reality show he had Breaking Bonaduce about his mental issues.

Q is thinking of getting a bigger bike, asks Walt for advice.

Bry asks Walt if he is planning on storming Area 51 with the other millions of people that signed the pledge.    Walt says he is spiritually behind the raiders but will not be joining them.  Q thinks if they find anything real the world as he knows it will be over, Walt thinks it would just be business as usual.

Q might consider having sex with an alien.

TESD drops Blue Chew as a sponsor after an anonymous and unanimous vote.

Geoffrey Locke from #387: Fuck Cantcer is reported Cancer Free.

Bry discusses the Tennessee Meth Gators and fish loaded up with Fentanyl.  Walt says he’s seen spider webs from spiders on different drugs.  

Q got to go to the premiere of Spiderman:  Far From Home and talk to J.K. Simmons.

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