#415: American Dadz

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Twitter turns on a beloved TESDtown resident. Walt defends both Tom Brady (surprise!) and servitors (surprise!)


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Sunday Jeff

Surf Taco Employee Pheonix

Camera Man Victor


“Everybody’s gotta learn on the job except you.  You were perfect right out the gate.” – Walt about Bry

“It’s been 400 plus episodes and you’re still here.  At least threaten to never listen again so I can pretend to care.” – Bry reading Walt’s tweet.

“Whatever happened to Tight Pants?” – Walt

“It’s the only scale he won’t break.” – Bry on Gitem’s pain tolerance scale.

“They already tried to derail his career with the false accusations of saggy balls!” – Walt

“I would never let him breast feed.  Those are for PaPa.” – Q

“It’s only when you become an adult and you lose the magic, the innocence of a child, when you start to smell the urine and the feet.” – Walt on Water Parks.

Memorable Moments:

Bry addresses a tweet from a 13%er who was sick of “Danny Devito looking Mother Fuckers” telling her to smile while she is waiting on them.  Bry claims that is just part of the job in the service industry to be pleasant.  Walt says it could have just been a bad day.  Q looks to Surf Taco employee Pheonix to give an insider opinion.

Walt indulges in online negativity by responding to a nasty tweet from the Sunday Jeff handle after the person calls him the r-word.

Q recounts working at Blockbuster Video and wishing customers would perish in a plane crash.  

Walt and Mike cherish their regular customers and will give them friendly nicknames, like Tight Pants.

Bry asks Pheonix if she feels sorry for culturally appropriating Mexican food now that she is in the same room as honest to goodness Mexicans, TESD cameraman Victor.

Q tells how Polish jokes originated from brave Polish fighting off the Germans on horseback.

Gitem is manually passing a kidney stone but toughing it out with his pain tolerance of 8.5.

Tom Brady in the court of public opinion once again when home video of him and his daughter jumping off a cliff into a lake surfaces.

Walt would leave TESD for the chance to podcast with Tom Brady, but would not eat a sub for him.

Stemming from the Tom Brady video Walt recalls a time when his father made him cross a train trestle over a body of water when walking back from a High School football game when he was 6 or 7.  Bry remembers Edgar hanging him off the edge of the roof by his ankles in order to scare Pam.

Sunday Jeff reveals he was an accomplished BMX racer but could not play basketball like his pro old man.

Dangerous carnival rides are discussed.  The world’s largest water slide resulted in the death of a legislator’s kid’s head got ripped off.  Q tells stories of when he was a ride attendant at an amusement park in Staten Island as a teenager.  He would resell tickets he collected and pocket the cash.  He witnessed a mom breastfeed her 12 year old son to comfort him after he fell off a ride.  Q filled the managers office with water when he quit because the manager hit on Q’s girlfriend.

Q and Walt drop the music video for their comic podcast “I Buy Comics” featuring Sunday Jeff

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