#368: King Me


After addressing his h8trz, Walt & Q pontificate on what Bry should care about.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave


“It’s getting pretty political in here, is that fucking alright with everyone!?” – Bryan

“Oh we’re so concerned for Bry, let’s get him some fucking therapy” – Bryan as his concerned fans.

TESD is Tune in, Escape, Submit…. and… Buy a skull! – Walt after not being able to think of a D word

“Try to be cute behind bars, bitch” – Walt

“I can’t even imagine my Cooper doing something so hateful” – Walt

“Are you there God, it’s me Bryan” – Gitem

Recurring Segments:

Hitlearn:  A Scottish comedian teaches his girlfriend’s pug to give the Nazi salute after being tired of hearing how cute he is.

Memorable Moments:

Walt receives lots of hate for Bry’s angry politicizing from last week.

Freedom of Speech vs Censorship debate.  How far is too far when giving up rights for safety.

Bry and Q debated a socialist Uber driver at the pinball event last weekend.  The driver makes assumptions based on their appearences.

Bryan suggests he is going through The Change, Male Menopause.

A Heineken commercial is deemed offensive:  Sometimes Lighter is Better

Dyslexia is after the music this week:

Don’t Crawl, Don’t Crawl – Duran Duran

Immoral Sisters – Righteous Brothers

Doubt Yes Less – Faith No More


Tommy Lombardozzi – You’re No Me


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