#417: Little Owl Hands

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Jiggy guest stars and talks comedy, celebrity stalkers and all manner of animal attacks.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan


Brian Quinn on Blue Chew Ad

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave on Blue Chew Ad

Maribeth’s Dad “The Doc”


“Tell me more of this Cu-Jo” – Jiggy

“I don’t know if you know this, but Spielberg was stalked by someone wanted to rape him.” – Walt

“We can’t even play Angry Birds on our iPads without it crashing.  I can’t imagine watching big beefy episodes with all those jiggabytes.” – Walt

“I didn’t know dogs could get rabies!” – Jiggy

“It sounds like she should consider boarding all of you.” – Jiggy

“You’ll love it, it’s the crack of boners.”- Bry

“Wait, you’re the guy who didn’t know what a spit ball was!” – Walt recognizes Jiggy from last year.

Memorable Moments:

Bry ponders why mass shooters and serial killers have such different public perceptions.  Serial killers have become romanticized with shows like Criminal Minds and Netflix Documentaries.

Walt wonders if the new Disney App would include the “whole movie library“.   He guesses some might be left out.

Walt tells Jiggy about the time a deranged body builder stalked Steven Spielberg and wanted to rape him.

Bry recounts the Jodi Foster obsessed stalker who went on to shoot Ronald Reagan.

Jiggy is enraptured with The Staircase documentary on Netflix about a guy who has had two lovers die by falling down stairs and was known to cruise for gay sex online.  One theory of the death involves a vicious Owl Attack.   Jiggy estimates there are 3000 owl attacks a year.

Jiggy gets Cujo and Beethoven confused.

A YouTube star accidentally uploads a video of herself abusing her dog, begins losing all her followers.

A French Bulldog has survived falling over 6 stories from a New York building by landing on the canvas roof of a convertible.

The Flanagan girls all go on a cruise without Walt.  Bry tries to organize a hang out while they are out of town.  Can Walt survive a week alone?

Blue Chew is back.  TESD ad guy insists the boys reconsider not advertising for Blue Chew after another sponsor pulls its business over an ad they did for them.  Bryan skypes in Maribeth’s father who is a small town doctor to interview him on his thoughts of the drug.

Q notices Blue Chew being advertised on Pornhub.  Walt is not sure he wants to be lumped in with the pornography site.

Jiggy talks about his upcoming European trip and the difference between performing stand-up in the states versus overseas.

Jiggy once performed a gig in a dorm room where he had to compete with the student’s attention with selfie sticks, snapchat, and beer pong.

Walt invites Jiggy to compete in a Purveyors, Posers, and Playlists tournament to happen later this year.


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