#418: QISS

Featured Image by @bqquinn


Bry goes to a kid’s party. Q rocks out in fellowship with an unlikely compatriot


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn



“I’m out here selling drugs, oh!” – Q as Jay

“How’s your tits, baby?” – Bry as Q as Jay

“Nah, I can’t do it.  I can’t read.” – Walt

“I just sell out arenas, what the fuck do I know.” – Q about comedy

“Titans of industry like Dante and his girlfriend.” – Bry

“Asbury Park looked like Bosnia before the gays started moving in fixing the place up.” – Bry

“I’ll get to it when I get to it.  I’m busy being gorgeous and famous.” – Bry as Q

“Dat’s da real Cat Man.  Meooow Petah!” – Walt as Q

“Did Sunday Jeff out-kiss KISS?” – Bry

“He can’t fuckin form sentences!” – Walt about Sunday Jeff

“Who the fuck is that old man he’s with?  Is that his father?” – Twitter Comments

Memorable Moments:

Bry and Walt attend the Clerks 3 reading to save The First Avenue Playhouse where Kevin held auditions for Clerks.  Bryan gets recruited to read lines up on stage by Ernie O’Donnell, Walt declines the invitation.  Q thinks they should rename the theater after Kevin.

Brian O’Halloran’s girlfriend is very proud of her gated community.  Bryan has to knock her down a peg by bringing up how much it must snow up there.  Walt mishears and thinks they live in a Gay Community.  Q mentions that would be even luckier with how the gays improve property values.

Walt emasculates Bryan when he overhears him asking Maribeth to get him almonds.

Q takes Sunday Jeff to the Prudential Center to see KISS and gives him the VIP treatment.  Walt and Bryan do not receive invitations.  Q cites a negative experience the pair had with Gene while shooting Comic Book Men and how Bry embarrassed Quinn at the Iron Maiden show.  Q tells how he practically runs the Prudential and can go anywhere and park wherever he wants.  Sunday Jeff rocks out doing air guitar and high fiving Q whenever a new song starts.  Walt keeps trying to rain on Quinn’s parade by telling him the band is actually lip syncing and that it’s not the real KISS anyway and practically a cover band since half the original line-up is missing.


Bryan and Maribeth are in suburban hell at a Descendants 3 party at one of Sage’s friends house where the other guests all talk about their kids and their jobs and laugh at how the hosts’ names are Brian and Marybeth but their names are Bryan and Maribeth!  Bry livens up the party by making jokes about Maribeths young age and tells stories of Sage’s father hanging himself.

#318: Q’z Brewz is one step closer with BQ reviving a classic Staten Island beer company, Rubsam & Horrmann Brewing Company.  There is a launch party later in September with Sal and Bryan as special guest bartenders.  Q mentions that he designed the label to include some TESD easter eggs.


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