Fahrenheit 148

Pod Description:

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Chicago 1871, San Francisco 1906, Farmingdale 2019…these are the fires that history will remember. Join Bry, Walt and Q along with Git ‘Em Steve Dave as he recounts what it was like to receive the call no one wants to receive…the one telling them that their former residence pretty much looks like an ashtray from a 1970’s Elks Club. Spare a dime, brother so Git ‘Em can get back to his “normal” life.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave


“You might be a suspect in the fire.” – Q to Walt after hearing he returned to Gitem’s house three days in a row for a Patreon shoot.

“I speak Gitem and I speak Fireman so I was able to translate.” – Q

“You probably knew at some point you’d be helping Gitem bury bodies in his backyard.” – Bry to Q

“It’s going to take more than two of you to take me down.” – Gitem to the cops trying to keep him from rushing into his house.

“I should be your fuckin’ Queer Eye for the Gitem Guy.” – Walt about purchasing Gitem new clothes.

“I only knew it was your dad when I heard him looking for a Puerto Rican to shoot.” – Bry

Memorable Moments:

Walt, Bryan, Q and Gitem tell of a fire that devastated Gitem’s house in late July 2019.  On the day of the tragedy nearly all of TESD town were gathered at the stash recording an episode of Tell ‘Em Steve Dave and were on their way to the Monmouth County Fair to finally fulfill their vision from #236: Mub of doing a Making Hay trip to the fair.  Sunday Jeff was dressed in farmers overalls and Gitem in a sleeveless shirt depicting a mulleted Eagle.

Git’Em receives the call from a family friend while everyone was en-route to the fair in a long caravan.   As Gitem speeds to his house to survey the damage Walt, Bry, Q and Sunday Jeff decide they should be with him in his time of need and abandon their plans to film at the fair.  Luckily Walt had been creating Patreon content over the last few weeks and despite having known him for almost a decade only recently found out where he lived.

As a former fireman Q instantly goes into first responder mode and takes charge of the situation, talking with the police officer who was threatening to arrest Git’em if he didn’t settle down.  All the police and fire fighters were very professional, not one asked Q for a selfie.

After the fire is put out Q and Git’em enter the house to survey the damage.  Git’em takes a still cold beer from his ruined fridge and begins drinking.

Sadly both of Gitem’s cats perished in the fire, Q and he bury the bodies in Gitem’s pet cemetery.

The guys meet Gitem’s father, who was mentioned in NYC Podfest 2016: The Long Burn during Gitem’s 1-True-3.  Gitem’s is happily surprised to see that his son has friends at all, let alone such good ones.


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