#419: Silver Ain’t Bad

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Bry and Walt take Q to business school. Walt defends an indefensible video. Who’s the coolest member of TESD?


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Reoccurring Segments:  

Fat Newz:  Weight Watchers releases an app for kids and faces backlash that they could discourage eating disorders.


“It’s never a good time when you piss your pants, unless you’re a baby or you’re senile.” – Bry

“That was the forked tongue talking.” – Bry

“Amazon’s on fire?  I just ordered shit!” – Bry as Kev

“I gotta keep the darkness inside.” – Q

“I guess the perception of me as cool is out the window.” – Bry

“Are you blasting the Partridge Family?” – Patreon Collaborator to Walt

“I don’t find wasted talent as cool, man.” – Q

Memorable Moments:

Bry scares an elderly woman at the pharmacy when he wears a shirt with “666” written on it.  She tells him that ever since he wore it in her store that the number of the beast has appeared everywhere in her life.  She thinks Bry might be the devil.

Bry talks about the weekly radio show he does with Erik Nagel  , Would you Kindly, and how Kevin appeared on the latest episode to discuss Masters of the Universe.  Bryan jokes that he has the scoop that Kevin wants to rename the title character to She-Man and that he will now live in Castle Gayskull.

Walt and Q briefly talk about Sony and Disney fighting over Spider-Man.  It is hypothesized that the new Star Wars theme parks focus on the new trilogy so they don’t have to pay Lucas anything.

Bry asks if having your partner say you are cool is like your Mom saying it.  Walt concurs that Maribeth must have blinders on when she claims Bryan is cool.  Bry texts Maribeth to ask who is the coolest person she knows.  Walt texts his daughter to ask her.

Bry believes no one can be 100% cool all the time, that even the Fonz got diarrhea.  He talks about a music video for Dancin’ in the Street where Mick Jagger and David Bowie, both cool dudes, act really lame.  Walt claims they knew they were being kitschy on purpose.

Walt thinks he loses cool points when he is caught blasting Partridge Family on the radio.

The guys go around the table rating each other on the cool scale 1-10.

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