#422: A Scarecrow’s Story

Featured Image by Kenny Rubenis


Depressed moods, insomnia, getting old, and embracing ones glaring shortcomings. It’s a tesd party!


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Reoccurring Segments:  


“In a galaxy far, far away, no one gives a fuck about Impractical Jokers.” – Q

“I’m gonna kick your ass motherfucker!  We’re gay!” – Bry as young Q angry at old Q for gay jokes at his expense.

“I start to get like Nicholson in ‘The Shining’ Maribeth and Sage outside and I’m just staring and drooling and shit.” – Bry about what happens when they don’t record for a while.

“Yeah Motherfucker!  That’s right asshole!” – Walt

“Just do it on an egg in Shoprite and see what happens in 9 months.” -Walt suggesting Q try to do it Shark Style.

“Where the fuck are my angels?  Why does Q have all the angels.” – Bry

“I hope I don’t run into Larry!” – Bry as Q trying to get recognized at Galaxy’s Edge

Memorable Moments:

Bry asks resident KISS experts Q and Walt about why KISS is performing an exclusive concert for Great White Sharks.  Are KISS getting ideas from Dethklok?  Would TESD sell tickets to an exclusive pod for a bunch of stray cats?

Walt reveals that “Forever” was his wedding song.

Old T-Shirt designs are back on sale at Merch Table

Walt unveils a new design “Baron Von Flanagan” for President reminiscent of when Howard the Duck ran in ’76.


Walt asks what Q wouldn’t put his face on.  Would he market Q’z Condomz?  Only available in Double Magnum.  What would Q do if he came home and saw a spent Q Condom on his Casper mattress that he knows he didn’t use with his partner.

A woman has quit her job in order to live as a 50’s housewife and take care of her man.

Walt recently went to see George Thorogood, Bry is going to see Andrew Dice Clay.

Bry mentions he’s had a really down week and is looking into how to get more mood stabilizers but insurance is making him jump through hoops.  Bry has broken his favorite ‘punching door’ and tries to replace it himself.  He ends up with two broken doors.

Walt is so unhandy he is wary of even pounding a stake into the ground for scarecrow decorations, ends up splitting the reed.

Q goes to Galaxy’s Edge and his celebrity clout is not enough to get him special access to the rides, turning the wait into his own personal hell of never ending meet and greets.  Q discloses his usual routine to get special treatment.

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