#424: Chicken Centipede

Featured Image by BSJett


Bry, Walt, and Q talk to a special Halloween guest.


Bryan Johnson

Brian Quinn

Walt Flanagan


Reoccurring Segments:  


“I saw sexy Mr. Rogers.” – Walt

“Leave my body in the street or at the very least in the trash can.” – Bryan

“I want spooky stuff and skimpy costumes.  That’s MY Halloween.” – Q

“Fuck it, let’s do a sexy Handmaiden’s Tale costume.” – Q as CEO of Yandy

“I’m like Elvira but with different Topography.” – Svengoolie

Memorable Moments:

Recorded at A Shared Universe Podcast Studio.

Walt seems to think that slutty Halloween costumes are going away much to Q and Bry’s horror.  The company Yandy is still leading the way in sexy costumes.  Which topics should be off-limits for sexifying?  Sexy Twin Towers?  Sexy Jon Benet, Sexy Holocaust Victim.

Q has discovered pants that can unzip into shorts and it has changed his life.

Good Housekeeping publishes their Most Offensive Costume list for 2019

Walt’s horror host hero, Svengoolie, calls in to talk to TESD.  He discusses his origin’s sending free jokes and skits to the original Svengoolie, Jerry Bishop , and how he took over as the Son of Svengoolie when he moved to California.

Walt asks for tips and tricks for anyone who wants to be an up and coming horror host, i.e. the Baron Von Flanagan.

Q offers to come on Svengoolie’s show on MeTV as the Nephew of Svengoolie, asks if he can come on if he can secure the rights to the film Fiend Without a Face

TESD questions Svengoolie on his favorite monsters, films, and comics.

There is another New Jersey based horror host called Halloween Jack operating out of Tom’s River.  Is there room enough for two horror hosts in the same county?

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