#425: Prince Bry of Monaco

Featured Image by Kenny Rubenis


The advertising piper is paid. Bry hangs up his tool belt for good. Historic news comes from Tesdtown.


Bryan Johnson

Brian Quinn

Walt Flanagan


Mentioned Person:

4Colors4Life Facebook Group

Reoccurring Segments:  


“I know better than you do, I AM a schlub!” -Bryan

“We are turning over a new leaf and going to be sucking much dick.” – Walt

“You are getting the Tell’Em Steve Dave golden tampon for this week, congratulations.” – Q

“I don’t want anyone to see me drivin’, it would be like showing my belly.” – Walt

“My first business relationship is with the listeners and they deserve to be entertained as much as advertisers get their dick’s wet.” – Walt

“What a bloodline, you ever see Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2?” – Q to Maribeth

“Most of her fantasies with me involve insurance payouts.” – Bryan

“This could have been the greatest love story ever told on a podcast and fuckin Ron Jeremy is in it, memorizing a 35 digit number, Romeo and Juliet has changed since the Bard wrote it!” – Walt

“Ooo Chef Robert made this for me, Ooo Chef Robert made that for me!  Shut the fuck up bitch, ok you know Chef Robert!” – Bryan

“Our wedding registry is at the cemetery.” – Bryan

Memorable Moments:

Walt and Bryan give Q a recap of the live All New Sunday Jeff Show organized by the 4Colors4Life Facebook group.  Walt claims at times Sunday Jeff looked like a clubbed baby seal with all the attention he was getting.  Bry was perplexed why Walt decided to park a block away instead of right by the door when he knew he had tons of chairs to transport to the venue.  Walt doesn’t like people to see him drive, it is too personal of an activity.

Ernie O’Donnel ends up fixing Bryan’s door for him.  Bry offers to act as his assistant but Ernie sends him away.  Bryan thought the door frame that was attached to his new door was just a disposable hanger.

Walt quotes Grace Kelly “…you don’t get anything for nothing. Everything has to be earned, through work, persistence and honesty.” but Bryan and Q agree that that no one wants to hear that message in 2019.

TESD address the Burrow ad saying that they will never shit on an advertiser again and will instead be in full dick-sucking mode.  Q retroactively claims he tried to reign in Bry and Walt.  To make it up to Burrow, Walt asks the ants to tweet out #burrowrocks to get it trending on Sunday November, 3.


Maribeth is revealed to be the new TESD ad representative responsible for getting new sponsors.  This perhaps explains Bryan’s new-found respect for their advertisers.

Bryan drops big personal news.  He and Maribeth got engaged recently in Key West.  Q reminds him that he needs to annul his marriage to Stacy Patella-Johnson

Bry and Maribeth retell how Bryan proposed.  Bryan has been wanting to try stand-up comedy so pulled some strings to get a short set at a local comedy club and wanted to propose while on stage.  On the way to the club they take an Uber to get a bite to eat and Bryan thinks he left the ring in a bag in the back seat.  The driver denies having the bag and Bryan wants to go back to the hotel to check but Maribeth says he doesn’t need his bag.  Bryan is getting agitated as dinner is taking longer than he thought and he is getting texted by the club owner that his set is coming up but Maribeth wants him to relax and says they are in no hurry.  While finally on stage doing his routine he loses his place and when reaching for some note cards realizes they are all out of order and throws them all over the place in frustration.  Bryan proposes and Maribeth happily says yes.

Walt reads some tips and tricks from Cosmo to Bry and Maribeth now that they are a young engaged couple.

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