#426: Gone Phishin’

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Bry’s mental state is thrown into question. A long, lost, guest is welcomed back.


Bryan Johnson

Brian Quinn

Walt Flanagan

Frank #3

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Reoccurring Segments:  


“The thing I noticed since losing weight I am so veiny now I look like a fucking Rick Baker creation!” -Bry

“Ok the only way I can make it in show business is I gotta fuckin’ fist myself?” – Walt

“Mike is so fucking hard edge, straight edge like me.” – Walt

“Hey let’s not sexually assault little girls, let’s beat up robots.” – Bry

“I don’t care if Burrow never acknowledges but they fucking know and they better fucking respect!” – Walt

“Hurry up and pick a date because your brother Erik needs to know because he’s a doctor and you’re a shitheel!” – Bry as Pam

“I love on the Wikipedias it says ‘Frank 3 is some dude they know and make fun of him'” – Frank 3

“They aren’t all SModfans and TESDGroupies.”-Bry

Memorable Moments:

Bry is no longer floating on cloud 9 from his engagement.  He tries talking to a therapist online but the connection keeps dropping.

Bry and Walt went to see the new Terminator movie.  They question the reasoning of the heroes using cybernetic enhancements against evil AI.

TESD ants get Burrow trending on Twitter against Sunday Night Football, Maribeth gets radio silence from Burrow and the ad agency.  Bry recalls a time he used the Ants swarming for evil when he had them go against a local paper called The Wag after an incident discussed on #117: Q The Cuddle Bear

The Christmas episode is set to drop on Christmas Eve 2019.  Walt invites Q to his place for Christmas, but only for half an hour though.

Pam’s reaction to Bryan’s engagement is to awkwardly ask for the date ASAP for everyone else’s convenience.

Australian K-Marts remove an offensive Child Bride costume.

Bry was invited to attend a meeting at Sage’s school to prepare parents to discuss with their special needs children about their burgeoning sexualities.

Frank 3 is here to regain his official Frank status.  He talks about his time following the band Phish around the country and the craziest thing he’s ever seen was a naked dude.

Q sees a dude reach into his asshole and remove a sponge at a burlesque show.

Walt says the Halloween show with Svengoolie was not universally loved.

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