#427: Water Tastes Like Water

Featured Image by TESD patreon


Robo-Q visits, Walt makes a stinky Sophie’s choice. Bry defines irony.


Bryan Johnson

Brian Quinn

Walt Flanagan

Mentioned Person:

Reoccurring Segments:  


“Do I got diarrhea on me?” – Walt

“I fucked up, I’ll never do it again God, I promise!” – Bry as no-voice Q

“Let’s fuck this love tunnel up again, Sal”- Female Voice Robo Q

“If you got to fuck a beast, Blue Chew is there for you.” – Robo Q

‘Why do I need fuckin’ Blue Chew?  I got Super Bowl rings!” – Walt

“That’s Ming’s middle name.  Ming Kaching Chen.” – Bry

“Did they take the balls with the polyps?” – Walt

“You look dashing, let me give you a hand job.” – Female Voice Robo Q to Walt

Memorable Moments:

Q has recently had throat surgery to remove some polyps and can’t talk for two weeks. He is stuck using a Stephen Hawking voice box and says it is isolating and depressing not being able to converse.

Q tries out a few different computer voices.  Bry asks Walt if he’d accept a hand job from a female voiced Q on a deserted island.  Q says the fame and fortune is not worth losing his voice.

Bagel Shrimp has a stroke and set up a GoFundMe for medical aid.  He has not received the level of support that Sage’s cat Princess Mitch got after her health scare.

Maribeth is playing Lottery Scratchers despite already winning the lottery by landing Bry.

Walt says he’s been using nurse’s scrubs as lounge pants from new sponsor Fig.

Walt says his super smelling is a curse and would trade it away in a heartbeat.

Bry asks if Walt and Q would rather take an ass kicking or getting hot diarrhea poured over them by a crazed homeless man from a bucket.

Bry ends up going down an anal sex Wikipedia rabbit hole.

Bry and Q buy matching Puff Daddy velour track suits.

Walt is growing a pencil mustache to annoy his family.

Bry tries to play an exchange he accidentally recorded from his dash cam when a McDonald’s worker gets Sage’s order wrong despite Bry confirming it three separate times.  He want’s to know if he acted like an asshole but can’t get the technology to cooperate and gives up in frustration.

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