#429: Fire in the Hole: Rise of the Buttlerockets

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Bry, Walt and Q talk about hotel trysts, New Years rockin eve and teens micturating all over each other.


Bryan Johnson

Brian Quinn

Walt Flanagan

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Reoccurring Segments:  


“Walt’s ass is tighter than the Egyptian pyramids where you can’t even put a piece of paper in.” – Bry

“That’s what these are, Gestapo tactics!” – Bry

“Fuck yea look at me, I’m the only choice.” – Q

“Now it’s middle aged men that sound like they have a punctured ear drum that’s who get’s on stage.” – Bry

“A boner is a terrible thing to waste.” – Bry

“What’s with this priss?   The ref can’t suck a dick if he makes the wrong call?” – Walt

Memorable Moments:

Someone had gone on the Tell’em Steve Dave wikipedia page and edited it to claim it was cancelled on December 8 when no new pods dropped for a month due to Q’s recovery and the busy holiday season.

Bry claims that young kids love putting bottle rockets in their ass and lighting them, risking serious injury.

The internet is mad at J.K. Rowling for tweeting support for an anti-trans researcher.

Bry attends Troy’s New Years Eve party again this year and spends some time in the garage with his high school aged daughter and her friends trying to gauge what today’s youth finds funny.  When one kid answers that he likes “Black Comedy” Maribeth was heard to say “Oh Honey.”

Q is invited on stage to sing with Bret Michaels and Poison.

Walt takes his wife to a hotel to ring in the New Year like a real man with promises of all night romance.  After an Outback Steakhouse dinner he is watching Dog the Bounty Hunter on the hotel television by 8 pm.

Bry talks about theMonster Next Door documentary and wishes he could muster the level of passion the Jewish people had wanting the ex Nazi guy’s head.

Walt believes you can’t pursue romantic partners like you used to in 80s movies.  No more standing in the rain with a boom box over your head.

Q distraught after making a joke and having it offend a friend of his.

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