#430: Oldmandalorian


Bry and Walt try to raise Q’s spirits by invoking Star Wars and The Penn State scandal.


Bryan Johnson

Brian Quinn

Walt Flanagan

Mentioned Person:

Reoccurring Segments:  


“Fuck you!  Your best days are gonna be behind you fast you Jock piece of shit!” – Q

“I’m going to Sandusky you.” – Walt

“If someone watches IJ they ought to be able to share a bathroom stall with you!” – Bry

“It would stand out in a crowd, this pecker.” – Walt

“Especially if there were any kids around.” – Bry

Memorable Moments:

Q is in an angry mood after an incident where an IJ fan invades his privacy.  Walt promises that recording TESD will cheer him up.

Q empathizes with Michael Jackson for building the Neverland ranch just to get away from the public.  His famous accusations of sexual misconduct with kids is discussed.  Why is it OK to still play his songs but Cosby Show is never shown anymore.

Gary Glitter has a song in Joker despite his pedo past.

It comes to light that Penn State football players haze younger athletes with the threat of “Sanduskying” them.  Walt says Bry should give another knockout tweet like he did in #088: Boss’s Day

The Aaron Hernandez documentary is discussed.  Could IJ go on if Murray killed someone the same way the Patriots just moved past it?

The show 60 Days In where normal people try to survive living in a real prison is brought up.  After a school teacher messes up his backstory Walt tries to figure out what his cover story would be, he decides he would say he was a bank robber high on “dust.”  Bry reluctantly says he would have to join the White power guys to survive.

Walt remembers being embarrassed when asked in health class what the “rhythm method” was for birth control.  He answered that the guy get’s himself into a good rhythm of the deed so that he doesn’t finish.

Sunday Jeff drops a bombshell that he does not enjoy Baby Yoda.

Donald Trump Jr. posts a picture of his dad as Baby Yoda, Walt thinks he is the king troll.

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