#431: Ill Communication


Bry and Walt talk to Jersey guy and Comic Book Men showrunner, Brian Nashel about the old days.


Walt Flanagan

Bryan Johnson

Brian Nashel

Mentioned Person:

Reoccurring Segments:  


“I don’t want any more suppositories, it hurts too bad!” – Bry

“This’ll be great for ya, Hachacha.” – Walt

“I’m sure Kev still loves me.” – Walt

“You can’t force yourself on Walt Flanagan.” – Brian Nashel

“You do Baba O’Reilly and you get a pass.” – Brian Nashel

Memorable Moments:

Walt has the artistic urge to experiment with glitter.  Bry assumes that a troop of strippers decided they wanted to buy comics.

Comic Book Men show-runner Brian Nashel sits in for Q to talk about his experiences on the show.  Walt claims that all his old bosses love him.

Show-runner Brian says that he did not have to be very hands on as the entire cast had their fully fledged personalities due to previous life experiences and podcasting.

Bry wonders where all the many hours of unused banter footage has gone since they typically only used 30 seconds or so per episode.

All of Brian’s previous show credits involved working with “Manly Men” , Walt questions what his first impressions were of the Comic Book Men.

Brian Nashel reveals his top five favorite moments from the 7 years he produced Comic Book Men.

Walt had a big fear that people would discover he was a fraud and wasn’t current on all the comics he sold, meanwhile Bry was an unrepentant junkie.

Henry Winkler was the show’s White Whale that they never could land for a guest spot.

Brian’s new show is about a team of rowers who are crossing the Drake Passage, he reveals there is very little banter.  The logistics of sleeping, spooning with other men, and shitting on the small row boat are revealed.

More of Brian Nashel can be heard here where he talks with Mike and Bry about their respective histories with substance abuse.

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