#432: Spreading the Disease

*Featured Image by Tony Monero


A quarantined Bry Skypes into TESD. Ming offers Q a stake in A Shared Universe.


Walt Flanagan

Bryan Johnson

Brian Quinn

Ming Chen

Mentioned Person:

Mike Zapcic

Reoccurring Segments:  


“Not literally under the table, cuz I know you’d have a camera under there!” – Walt to Ming

“Dance Monkey!” – Q

“Don’t tell me you were paid in just bubble gum!” – Walt to Ming

“We’re assuming, does A Shared Universe pay Taxes?” – Walt

“He’s laundering Bazooka Joe money!” – Bry

“Yeah, it’s me, the ol’ Ass Eater.” – Bry as Mike

“I’m lowering my offer, I can’t be in business with an ass eater.” – Q

“I can’t run everything in this town podcast related!” – Ming

Memorable Moments:

Walt, Q, and Ming record from A Shared Universe while Bry skypes in from quarantine.  Bry claims he’s the smart one as no doubt Ming is carrying the Coronavirus.  Mike has gone full Doomsday Prepper by stocking up on bulk medical masks and canned goods.  Q is worried about going on the ‘IJ cruise in two weeks and surrounded by possibly infectious people.

Sage turns 14 years old this week.

Bry recalls watching a live Tenderloins show at Radio City Music Hall and observing an 11 year old girl crying at the sight of Murray eating dog shit.

Ming replaces Bazooka Joe as the pitch person for the bubble gum that comes with a comic strip.

Q is impressed with A Shared Universe and asks Ming about investment opportunities.  Ming mentions he is working on a sales pitch to show to investors.  Walt says he would love to see it.  Ming envisions expanding to other cities.  The guys imagine what it would take for Q to completely buy out Mike.

James Murray is on Cameo making personalized videos for 200 bucks a minute.  Mike is also on Cameo at a much lower rate.

As a follow up from episode #379: Stop That Pigeon Booty Munchin’ Black from Respect the Blackout Podcast that record at a Shared Universe runs across Mike Zapcic and his wife at Best Buy and calls out his ass eating tendencies.  Ming plays the audio from the podcast of them all discussing the scene.

There are accusations of SmodCo keeping all the old I Sell Comics behind a paywall, Walt recommends Mike and Ming perform a Taylor Swift and re-record every old episode word for word.

The guys discuss the untimely death of Kobe Bryant. 

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