#433: Stirling Porrich

*Featured Image by Kenny Rubenis


Q fancies himself a penis artist.  The guys get some because they talked some.


Walt Flanagan

Bryan Johnson

Brian Quinn

Mentioned Person:

Reoccurring Segments:  


“I went to all the trouble to grow this beard out, what did she do?  She was born and then was pretty, how the fuck is that an accomplishment?” – Bry

“Wild Ass for life.” – Q

“My dad’s kind of a fuckin’ pimp.  He’s into this weird shit, he’s into chocolate pudding.” – Bry as Mike’s kid.

“He saw Svengoolie trending and said ‘ I either gotta put on makeup or hire a 20 year old with big tits” – Walt.

“We’ve all done it.  We’ve all drawn a dick somewhere.” – Walt

“Can you pinpoint the time bry lost the rebel edge and became the man?” – Walt

“This is Edgar Butt-Licker, you got your ears on?” – Bry as Edgar on CB Radio.

Memorable Moments:

Recorded at a Shared Universe with Q skyping in.  He flew down to hang out withJoe Bob Briggs.  

Bry and Q both saw and enjoyed Birds of Prey.  Bry wonders if a gender swamp of a group of men beating up women would work.

Mac from ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ snarkily replies to a tweet from Q.

Bry accuses Walt of going soft on crime due to his reaction to the Swat Team taking down Penis Man.

Bry has great things planned for the IJ cruise.

Maribeth finds one of Bry’s notes that deeply unnerved her like Walt’s picture of the Nun birthing Hitler unnerved Debbie.

Maribeth has a notebook of her own in which she writes down things Bry says that she thinks deserves to be memorialized.

Walt woke up with a pinched nerve and couldn’t move very well causing him to park a little crooked.  A lady pulls in next to him and gives him a bunch of shit that he has to sit there and take because he can’t move.

Walt get’s bamboozled when asking for breast meat at KFC.

Walt gets feedback from the previous episode asking them to stop talking about Mike eating ass because his kids listen to the pod.

Was the Coronavirus started by eating Pangolins?

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