#434: Are You My Mother?

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TESD welcomes a rare guest


Walt Flanagan

Bryan Johnson

Brian Quinn

Mrs. Quinn

Mentioned Person:

Reoccurring Segments:  


“Q showed up when he was 30 and Walt acknowledged him as a friend at 50” – Bry

“That went over like a cancer joke.” – Walt

“You ever watch porn with your mom?” – Bry

“I can’t distance myself from it, I wish I could but I can’t.” – Mrs. Quinn

“They care nothing for America’s Jokers.” – Q

“I basically raised this kid with you.” – Bry about Q

“Brian Who?” – Mrs. Quinn if the movie bombs.

“You mean money and fame DOES breing you happiness?” – Q

“I’m going to hold on to them until social services take them away.” – Walt about his girls.

“Tis could only be more uncomfortable if you were doing this with Sage.” – Walt about doing a Blue

“We can’t have you dying in a Blue Chew cocktail.” – Bry about Q

Memorable Moments:

Quinn’s mother Carol sits in on this weeks Tell’Em Steve Dave.  She says she will not tell people to go see the IJ movie until she see’s it for herself and can vouch for the quality, despite the fact that she and Q’s dad appear in it shooting a parody porn film.

The MPAA originally gave the IJ movie an R rating.

Q’s mom recalls the time she stormed out of the Space Monkeys show on the first IJ cruise due to Q’s comment about cancer kid as discussed in #275: Quinn Returns to Port.  and during her call in on episode #317: This is Why! she has since stopped attending Space Monkey shows.

Q’s mother disapproves of his drunkenness on the last night of the cruise.  She tells a story about how Quinn’s brother Danny drank Grandpa Q’s homemade “Grape Juice” at age 8 and got loaded.

Q’s grandmother was a vindictive woman to anyone who disliked Sinatra, but still wouldn’t defile a grave like Brian plans to.

Walt says Q has a 148 IQ when it comes to street smarts.

Q calls his father to ask who it was he took to see Elvis at Madison Square Garden and if it was a date with an ex.

Mrs. Quinn gives her side of the story Q told of how she met her husband while working on Wall Street with him.

Q was nicknamed ‘Faccia Brutta’ or ugly face, by his grandparents.  Alternatively his brother Danny was nicknamed Sunshine and Jimmy was Faccia Angela or Angel Face.


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