#435 Bry the Masseuse

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The IJ Movie sweeps the nation. Bry does a comedy event with Jiggy. Bry and Walt compare their ‘worth writing down’ lists.


Walt Flanagan

Bryan Johnson

Brian Quinn


Mentioned Person:

Reoccurring Segments:  


“I’m just going to go the distance, you think you don’t like me now you’re really going to hate me when you hear this plan.” – Bry

“I’m trippin’ ballz right now.” – Walt

“We put Harrison Ford and his dog movie to shame.”- Q

“Debbi Flanagan says it has an arc!”- Walt pitching a blurb for the IJ movie box.

“This could be the Blair Witch of prank movies.” -Bry

“What did Sir Mix-A-Lot say, he’s got to get that bubble?” – Walt

“I think I got a headache from eating too much bread.” – Walt

“I’ve got something to say, your gonna get donged later tonight.  You can get away with a little handie, ladies choice.” – Bry

“I feel like a caged lion.” – Q

“The only lyin’ is what you do to yourself, now get up on that stage you sell out.” – Bry

Memorable Moments:

The Impractical Jokers movie is getting a wider release after the strong limited release.  IJ is not currently renewed past season 9.  Walt’s wife says she loved that it had a story.

Warner Bros., who owns TruTV, originally passed on distributing the movie but then after seeing the numbers came to the Jokers demanding to know why they weren’t consulted.  Q gleefully sends the emails that prove they passed.

13%er Dev named ant ambassador after screaming “Tell’em Steve Dave” after a karaoke contest on the cruise.

The audio from the second Space Monkeys show on the cruise featuring all the Tenderloins goes missing for the second year in a row leading Bry to wonder how far the conspiracy goes.

Bry does a stand-up event in NYC with Jiggy.  Seeing the positive response to Harvey Weinstein jokes by a female comedian leads Bry to ad-lib some of his own.  Mainly about him getting gender reassignment to be sent to women’s prison to continue harassing.

Q gets an audible groan at the Space Monkeys show after making a joke about how Bry’s Wiccan mom Pam should have put a protective bubble around Kobe.

Q starts to discuss Kobe’s past sexual misconduct but drops the topic knowing he has a movie to shill.

The journals discussed in #433: Stirling Porrich return as Walt reads some words of wisdom that his wife Debbi thought worth writing down and Maribeth reads the ones that she wrote down for Bry.

Bry muses that he could never be a professional masseuse due to his looks.  Bry recalls a story of how he got locked out of his bedroom by Maribeth after he teased Sage about there being an Alien behind her.

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