#436: Overkill Junior

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Bry loses time in a haunted hotel, the TESD cameramen tell a harrowing story.


Walt Flanagan

Bryan Johnson

Brian Quinn


The Camera Brothers

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Reoccurring Segments:  



“We got a little too close, invading each others’s space.” – Walt about Frank 5

“He’s a doddering old man but wants to blame it on the supernatural.” – Walt about Bry

“I think I’m being mistreated more and more.  I should command more respect.” – Bry

“He needs to take a toke.” – Walt

“She’s allowed to ack ack ack you?” – Walt about Maribeth censoring Bry.

“You don’t tell me what to do Maribeth, I give you Coronavirus!” – Bry as Ming.

Memorable Moments:

Walt says he and Frank 5 are immune to Coronavirus as he’s sure they already had it back in December.

Bry has a mini Overkill topic:  He and Maribeth stayed in a hotel in NYC after the IJ movie premiere and had many spooky goings on.  First the shower backed up so bad that a thick clump of hair resembling Samara from the Ring films was floating in it.  Secondly when Bry went down to the desk to complain he couldn’t find his way back ending up in floors and hallways he’s never seen before.  Bry later discovers that he was somehow in the completely wrong hotel before a helpful lady helped him find his way.

Is Q’s life like the Metallica song “Turn the Page.” 

Bry asks if he deserved the shoddy treatment he got at a WaWa when a mean lady scolds him for accidentally reaching for the wrong change.

Bry reveals he has finally found a therapist and is on mood stabilizers and beginning to feel better.

Bry also recalls the Usher at Louis C.K. who made it her mission to take Bry down after he attempted to seat himself without going through her.  A gleeful Bry got up to go to the bathroom and get snacks multiple times making a point to circumvent her authority.  She eventually brought the manager down who quickly apologized when Bry showed him his tickets.

Victor and Alex Juarez, the Camera Brothers, sit down and tell their story of thwarting a home invasion in the summer of 2012.  The were returning from dinner for their Dad’s birthday when two masked men with a pistol and shotgun broke into their home and threatened their mother.  These intruders were looking for someone and were in the wrong home.  Alex snatches the shotgun from the intruder and tries to pull the trigger.  Victor takes the other guy’s handgun as they try to flee.  Victor gets one in a headlock while Alex stabs him with his pocketknife.

Bry is censored by Maribeth before he can go into an Asian accent during an ad read.

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