#437: Jim Class

*Featured Image by @tellemants


You NEVER guess what Bry, Walt, and Q talk about this week!


Walt Flanagan

Bryan Johnson

Brian Quinn


Mentioned Person:

Erik Johnson


“Well I don’t have to imagine not having any possessions.  Gal Gadot don’t have any.” – Bry

“The most miserable of us will walk out of this probably unscathed, unchanged cuz nothing would have changed for this guy.” – Walt about Bry

“Who the fuck cares about Tom Brady now!” – Walt

Memorable Moments:

The first of many all Skype TESD during the global pandemic.

Walt was unphased by the news of Tom Brady leaving the Patriots amidst the end of the world.

BQ is sheltered in place all alone with a faulty boiler.

Bry talks about his brother Erik working the front lines in the hospitals.

Bry says how his life hasn’t changed that much apart form having to homeschool Sage.  He thinks he should get an official substitute teaching certificate after this.

Q has no income coming in with IJ down, R&H brewing down, and the tour on hold.

Walt is worried what Gitem will do for income during the pandemic and unsure if the Stash can survive.

Product hoarders like the jerks buying all the toilet paper should be shunned.

An eccentric customer once claimed he was the first choice for Uncle Jesse on Full House and was an Elvis impersonator on a show called “The Last Precinct.”   Walt tracked down a bootleg copy of the show to prove him wrong but his wife Debbi was worried the customer might become violent when backed into a corner.

Walt and Alicia are binge watching The Office with Debi who is watching for the first time.  Alicia and Walt argue about who loves Jim the most.

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