#438: Over the Rainbow Bagel

*Featured Image by @tellemants


Q poses an ethical question, Walt considers cooking in the nude, Bry loses his cool and nothing gets destroyed.


Walt Flanagan

Bryan Johnson

Brian Quinn


Mentioned Person:


“Go to an old west town and have a shoot out with a 14 year old kid.” Q

“Is that an innuendo for finding a 14 year old kid?” – Walt

“It sounds like a god damn haunted house!” – Bry about Q’s cats

“I think Jim would get me out of my shell, we’d be bosom buddies.” – Walt

“It took a pandemic to get me to turn my back on TV.” – Bry

“If I had an MMA type body yes, if I have a comic book man body no.” – Walt

“I don’t really shave my face that much so I’m going to have to talk about my balls.” – Bry for a razor ad.

Memorable Moments:

Walt is now into the acceptance stage of grief due to the virus but can’t remember what day of the week it is.

Benjamin Cat constantly mews for Q’s attention.

Who would Walt be if he worked at the Office.

Q has been watching a lot of westerns.  It is unknown if John Wayne would reach his height of popularity in this day.

Q playing a lot of VR games with famous friends and a random 14 year old named Chef Linguine.  Walt imagines this kid really being Chef Mike putting on a fake voice.

Bry’s brother Erik says 80% of medical staff will contract the virus.

Walt drives 40 minutes away for Chick-Fil-A but then sits in the drive-thru line for over an hour.

Q is eligible for unemployment pay.

Bry has been seeing more people engaging in outdoor group activities now than ever before.

Bry makes superhero masks for him and Sage using MeUndies.

MMA star Paige VanZant and her husband are posting nude Instagram cooking videos.

Princess Mitch shits on Bry’s paperwork.

A distraught Sage blames Maribeth for turning her poop green on purpose with a rainbow colored bagel.

Benjamin Cat suffers a seizure over the weekend.

Sage has been having loud imaginary arguments that can be heard throughout the house that Bry has learned to tune out but sets Maribeth on edge.  Walt says of course the arguments are loud, she is a Johnson.

Gitem has preferred to stay at the Stash instead of the house he’s been crashing at since the fire.


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