#439: TESD 3-Way

*Featured Image by @tellemants


Bry, Walt, and Q assess their personalities


Walt Flanagan

Bryan Johnson

Brian Quinn

Mentioned Person:


“Yeah, I don’t wanna get fuckin wet anymore.” – Q

“Little sheep, little lamb, little lamb chop.” – Bry

“Did you say I’ll cut you?”- Walt

“I know so many people now that either have it or are affected by it or have lost someone because of it. Like, I mean I am living in New York City so it’s like I guess that’s going to be an obvious thing to say, you know what I mean…” – Q

“Staten Island” – Walt

“Plastered in Tits!” – Q

Memorable Moments:

It is announced that the TESD 10 year anniversary slated to take place in summer of 2020 has been officially moved to summer 2021.

Walt drops in on Bry with a TESD scarf wrapped around his face.

Walt takes his car in for service and see’s Sunday Jeff for the first time in weeks.

A pastor who denies Corona hysteria has died from the illness.  Meanwhile 50 church goers in Korea are infected when a priest sprays them with saltwater.

Q dyes his hair out of boredom, Walt stopped dying his and his old dye job is turning green.

Bry discovers ASMR videos.  Walt discloses that he listens to them to relax and fall asleep.

Bry reads descriptions of the different personality types that enjoy ASMR.

Q wishes he talked to more old people when he was younger.

Bry talks about more viral challenges, Walt realizes these type of phenomena aren’t that recent since teens in the 50s would swallow gold fish or cram themselves in phone booths.

Bry invents the Elsa challenge saying he’ll pour ice water on Sage while she sleeps.  Sage says challenge accepted causing Maribeth to sleep with one eye open for fear of being a target.

Walt gives an update on the future of the Stash.  They plan on staying open until the lease is up and then re-evaluating.


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