#441: Lyin’ Johnson

*Featured image by BS Jett


Corona (of course), Cryptozoic Man, and other stuff.


Walt Flanagan

Bryan Johnson

Brian Quinn

Mentioned Person:


“Gimme something to clean cuz I’m gonna cut this mother fucker!”- Walt

“I know a lot of big brains and I’ll tell ya, they’re fuckin’ annoying”- Walt

“Fueled by Adderall and rage.” – Bry

“I think he’s equating you cleaning with being a fuckin’ bitch”- Walt to Bry

“I’m sorry, you never been lied to?” – Druggie Bry to irate Walt

Memorable Moments:

New York says it will not reopen until after June, some Southern states will reopen up as early as May 1.  What can stop people from crossing state borders to go to bars?

Walt has been taking short road trips with his daughters to points of interest you can see from the car.

Newest Corona rumor is that it was developed in a lab in China and escaped.  How does that lab tech cope with what they’ve done.

Can Corona spread from flatulence?  

Father Lance assures Walt that this virus is not sent by God as punishment.

Bry goes on a 14 hour long cleaning spree.  Cleaning is his new breaking shit when annoyed.

Q recommends the Harley Quinn show from the DC streaming app.

Walt has been drawing non stop during the virus,  his Office rewatch is up to the 7th season.

Q is beginning to worry about the common man and how they are living without working.

Walt and Bry reminisce about behind the scenes of Cryptozoic Man where Walt wanted to crush Bry’s head for not turning in pages on time.

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