#442: Fry Guy

*Featured image by BS Jett


Q waxes philosophic. Walt is downvoted.


Walt Flanagan

Bryan Johnson

Brian Quinn

Mentioned Person:


“Called in 148to help with this setup today and it’s been working smooth as fuckin’ silk.  Gotta get yourselves a 148.” – Walt with worsening sound quality.

“We are going to have to work together to soothe this savage beast.” – Bry to Walt about a cranky Q.

“The tone of what Walt was getting was as if Walt was sitting here going ‘Guys there’s no virus'”- Q

“Oh you go into convulsions?” – Walt excited about Bry’s maladies.

“Those people on reddit are right about you.” – Q to Bry.

“I was just Googling ‘Donkey Punch'” – Walt

“A weak man looking for guidance, BQ” – Bry

“Two weeks ago I was planning a wedding now I’m an alien slave, What the Fuck!” – Bry

Memorable Moments:

Walt is selling original art from the comics he’s drawn oneBay to raise money for the Stash.

Q is having trouble with his tech to record.  Is ‘OK Boomer’ just a blanket insult to anyone over 20 years old?

Q saw that Walt was deep in the shit arguing with people on Redditwhen someone assumes Walt was trying to give legitimate medical advice.

Bry is diagnosed with Bipolar 2 and intermittent explosive disorder after 15 years unmedicated.

Q’s co-host of the Misery Index Jameela Jamil wants to be shot like a man on the cover of Playboy.

Trump advocates putting disinfectants in your body to kill the Coronavirus, Lysol releases apress statement warning not to.

Bry sends Q some new erotica for his collection and a Universal Monsters board game to Walt.

The Navy declassifies UFO footage.

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