#443: Q’s Blues

*Featured image by Eric Mason


Q donates beer for a noble reason. Bry recommends a movie, Walt disagrees.


Walt Flanagan

Bryan Johnson

Brian Quinn

Sunday Jeff

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave

Mentioned Person:


“Like Gwenyth Paltrow that was her best performance, being dead.” -Bry

“I say we don’t alter Tell’Em Steve Dave at all for our fuckin’ Chinese masters!” – Walt

“It’s like a throw back to the Lizard Lick days” – Walt about Tirdy Works

“Let me pitch a show about makin’ art with cat shit!” – Bry as Q.

“I lose Benjamin and a light goes out in my eyes.” – Q

ReOccuring Segments:

Fat News:  UK Obese will be forced to stay home even after lock down ends as they are considered more vulnerable.

Memorable Moments:

Sunday Jeff is at the Stash during the recording as he rushed down to check out the newest issue of Previews and make sure his “pervy” R. Crumb books got ordered.

Gitem records himself yelling at protesters.

TruTV expands it’s horizon with Tirdy Work which features art created with moose shit.

Benjamin Cat is the best relationship in Q’s life. He mewls at the door until Q lets him in.

Q is converting vats of his R&H beerinto hand sanitizer and gifting it to first responders and city workers.

Walt’s favorite family friendly comedian Jim Gaffigan is going to portray coked up mayor Rob Ford.

Bry asks Walt and Q to watch 2012 film Contagion and look at all the coincidences with how the Covid-19 crisis went down.

Top Gun 2 is digitally changing Tom Cruise’s bomber jacket to cater to the Chinese film market.  Red Dawn remake also changed the Chinese villains from the first film to North Korean.

Q wonders if he should buy hundreds of praying mantis eggs to fight the incoming Murder Hornets.  Also contemplating becoming a bee keeper.

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