#444: Four Colors For Life

*Featured image by Eric Mason


Bry, Walt, and Q celebrate this demonic episode by talking frenzied Frenchies and piss boners.


Walt Flanagan

Bryan Johnson

Brian Quinn

Mentioned Person:


“Fuckin’ Mr. Joe Moneybags Rogan.” – Walt

“What kind of monster trains a French Bulldog to fight?”- Walt

“I do, I do wake up with piss boners.” – Bry

“I tell you, I gotta get Sal to do ‘What Say You’ again.  100 million split two ways is better than split three ways.” – Q

“We’re not star fuckers!” – Walt

“I regret no boners.” – Q

“Can’t they just shoot Stem Cells in my eyes?” – Q

“Do you want yourdick sucked too?  I blew Charlie Chaplin once.  He had a piss boner!” – Bry as Walt’s hairdresser.

“I want to run a clean shop, put those Suncoast days behind me!” – Walt

Games Played:

Are you Normal

Scenario 1:  Blowjob and a Haircut – Walt goes to get his haircut and his 90 year old stylist continuously blows hair out of his eyes with her hot breath.

Scenario 2: Hot Hot Toys – Walt is confronted by a person claiming the Stash’s eBay account has been selling toys that were stolen from his collection months ago by his daughters druggie boyfriend.  He demands compensation

Scenario 3:  Basement Billionaire – Walt finds a mysterious bag in the Stash basement which contains thousands of dollars in a false bottom.

Memorable Moments:

Joe Rogan goes exclusive to Spotify for 100 million dollars.

Years ago Joe Rogan declined to have Bryan Johnson as a guest, even after Bry wore a shirt for the Joe Rogan Experience on Comic Book Men.

Walt is just as much a man’s man as Joe Rogan with his latest ‘DYI’ project of building more supports for his daughters bedframe using old pallets from his garage from the many unsold Prussian Kissing Skulls.

Walt is aghast at the news that a French Bulldog has mauled and killed a middle aged woman.

Q bemoans the march of time as he is in need of glasses, he no longer has them sniper eyes.


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