#445: Overkill: Kissing the Prussian Devil

*Featured image by Sophie J Moore


Cryptids and Corona


Walt Flanagan

Bryan Johnson

Brian Quinn

Mentioned Person:


“He’s filibustering to tell us something we already know!” – Bry about Q being a pussy.

“It’s like somebody fucks up your doordash enough times you’ve been good about it, you finally have to go kick a door down!” – Bry

“Your whole life is a riot.” – Q

“These thoughts have been in my head for over a week, I have no outlet. I’m talking to cats!” – Q

“Whoop, tonight my cums gonna be green sweetheart.” – Q

ReOccuring Segments:


Memorable Moments:

People on Twitter have been asking for Bryan’s take on the protests and riots but Bry elected to save his comments for TESD and not 150 characters.

Q is remaining socially distant joining Bry and Walt via Zoom. Walt offers to buy Q a plastic bubble.

Benjamin Cat has had another seizure.

Bry clarifies he is not anti liberal but just anti overly PC bullshit.

Q votes for an all fluff TESD with no hot button topics.

TESD talks about the elderly Buffalo man who was pushed by police.

New Jersey and the Secret Stash to reopen on June 22.

Walt reveals a Sunday Jeff backyard barbecue episode has been filmed for Patreon.

Bry brings forth an overkill topic discussing many different United States cryptids: Oklahoma Octopus, Goat Man, Grass Man, Melon Heads,

Walt wants to invent a potion to give people rainbow colored ejaculate.

Q claims to have dug up more info on the Prussian Kissing Devil from the Dark Web

Walt wonders if Q would purchase the Hope Diamond if possible, he could hire Gitem to watch it.

Walt encounters a frog in the wild.

Walt discusses searching for Sheepsquatch as a possible future Patreon project.

Could Prince Charles be a vampire? This could explain why he once desired to be Camilla’s tampon.

Walt discovers that climate change activist Greta Thunberg might be a time traveler.

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