#447: Phuc Boyz

*Featured image by TESDGroupie


A hero teacher dies, unsettling urbanites and the boys make a public plea to Spotify.


Walt Flanagan

Bryan Johnson

Brian Quinn

Gitem Stevedave

Mentioned Person:


Chris Laudando


“Like fuckin’ Burgle Burgle, you look like the God Damned Hamburglar!” – Bry

“I think I have small holes” – Walt

“Ask Ming when he was called ‘Dwarf’ all through school if he thought it was cool.” – Walt

“Fuck you Johnson, there’s something to that.” – Bry

“You’re talking to a former fatty. I looked like a God damn ninja half the time.” – Bry

“What about that tryptophinamin?” – Walt

ReOccuring Segments:

Memorable Moments:

Q returns to the table in person for the first time since the pandemic. Walt believes the entire country catching Covid-19 is inevitable.

The boys discuss their July 4th plans. Many suburbanites shot off nearly professional grade fire work displays since all the official fireworks have been cancelled. There have been fireworks shot off in major cities nightly since the BLM protests have begun leading the internet to come up with theories on the cause. Walt says he received major peer pressure from someone who really wanted him to shoot off fireworks for the 4th.

Bry made Maribeth get rid of one of her favorite black and white striped shirts claiming it made her look like the Hamburglar.

Q mentions seeing a petition to remove statues of Walt Disney from Disney amusement parks. Walt wants to check with resident Disney expert Chris Laudando. Walt advocates for a transexual Mickey Mouse.

Walt reveals he’s been binging ‘The Goldbergs’ and loves how wholesome it is. Q has been real enjoying DC’s ‘Doom Patrol’. Gitem chimes in on the television line-up at the Stash which includes Mary Tyler Moore, That Girl, and making fun of Alec from the Shriners Commercial.

A college professor is put on leave when he asks a Vietnamese student to anglicize her name because it sounded like Fuck Boy.

Spotify has gone on record regretting how much money it spent on Joe Rogan’s podcast. Walt promises the most bang for their buck if Spotify wants to buy TESD.

Mary Kay Letourneau who made national news by having a child with her 12 year old student has died at age 58.

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