#448: Sk8ter Boyz

*Featured image by Erich Lehman


Homeward Bound, The Ten Commandments and mortality.


Walt Flanagan

Bryan Johnson

Brian Quinn


“My top half is better than my bottom half.” – Walt

“I think everything men do is mostly to get laid.”-Q

“There’s a skill to baseball. A crackhead could give birth”-Q

“Mmmm that ass would look good sliced up in my fireplace” -Q

“Yeah? Well I got all my digits… no USE for ‘em”- Walt in response to Tommy Mason

“You don’t think Evel Knievel isn’t out for some ‘tang jumping Snake River?” – Walt

“It’s like something Gene Kelly would have did in the fuckin’ 40s!” – Walt

“Unless it’s an orgy you don’t need to be sleeping on the floor with ten people.” – Bry

“I never went to Action Park, my biggest action was the bus ride.” – Walt

“Walt ‘No Shenanigan” Flanigan” – Walt

Memorable Moments:

Walt says he has no capacity to learn how Zoom works after watching Bry struggle for 10 minutes to connect to Q.

Walt is about to go on vacation with his family to Cape May. He is looking forward to getting to sketch while everyone else is at the beach.

Bry discusses the Action Park documentary and his experiences getting injured there. Walt remembers the story of the boy who got decapitated by a water slide.

Walt says he was always cautious as a lad and listened to his mother about not taking too many risks. The guys remember the time Tommy Mason lost all of his finger tips jumping off of the Highlands bridge. Walt says the girls would gather and be impressed by the boys that lept.

Q can not confirm whether trick photography was used during an Impractical Jokers punishment when Sal and Murr had to leap off a cliff at Fawn’s Leap.

Bry has no respect for people over the age of 20 that skateboard or any girl skater after Maribeth admitted she used to skateboard just to fit in with the crowd.

Sports are set to come back with social distancing and no spectators in the stands. Q mentions Wrestling has been doing this for a while and thinks adding fake crowd noises is too distracting.

Bry breaks down the 10 Commandments for Q and Walt to see if they are all on the stairway to heaven. Walt suggests self flagellation when you start to get the urge to covet.

A Kansas dog named Cleo travels across state lines to return to its former home in Missouri. Walt compares this to the movie Homeward Bound and it’s sequel ‘Lost in San Francisco’.

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