#449: Dr. Qlittle

*Featured image by Eric Mason


Q plays Ranger Rick. Walt faces down killer bees. Bry issues an apology.


Walt Flanagan

Bryan Johnson

Brian Quinn


“Turns out the only thing that didn’t have AC was his walk in closet.”

“I prostitute myself for way more than $20. But trust me this mouth is stretched out.” -Q

“We were looking for a fish that didn’t exist.” – Walt

“Oh my god it fucking smells like a dumpster.” – Walt

“Not enough people are feeling sorry for me! All this COVID shit is distractin’ them.” -Bry as Q

“Millions of people have died, I haven’t had AC for an hour!” – Walt as Q

“Can she come back from this and dance with people grinning ear to ear?” – Walt

“Four days looking for that fuckin’ fish.” – Walt

“You got that Comic Book Men money layin’ around, why not get an electric wheelchair?” -Bry

“I look like Conan on the Wheel of Death!” – Walt

“That’s the cashmere Gildan” – Walt about Jay and Bob merch.

“Why would a dude be wearing a bikini?” – Walt about his doctor.

Memorable Moments:

Bry feels little need to leave his house anymore now that everything can be delivered straight to his door. Q is nervous coming to Red Bank to record. Walt claims Red Bank has crushed the curve.

Swarms of bee’s swarmed Cape May, NJ while Walt was on vacation.

Despite a pandemic, protests and riots, Ellen being mean to people has been front page headlines much to Q’s amazement. Q has heard personal stories from people that have worked on her show that confirm.

Walt bored on vacation spends 4 days trying to find a giant plaster fish in Cape May that was featured in Weird NJ magazine. He later finds out it was destroyed years past in a storm.

Walt got buff from pushing his mother-in-law around in a wheelchair through sand and across board walks all weekend.

Walt can’t enjoy his 7$ water ice because of the lobster roll stand next door. An aquarium at the boardwalk lets you feed live fish to piranha. T-shirt stands sell unbelievably cheap and tacky merch such as a “I’m not gay but 20 bucks is 20 bucks” shirt.

Q has several run ins with live animals at his home as mice chew through his Air Conditioning cord and he saves an abandoned baby squirrel by playing mother sounds from Youtube and bringing it to the Staten Island Squirrel Whisperer.

Bry bemoans a graham cracker shortage.

Bryan runs down the new uptick in fat shows with Family by the Ton, Thousand Pound Sisters, and My 600 lb Life.

Bry wonders what his big Act III will be. He is considering writing his memoirs, “Bryan Johnson: Slow Burn to Awesomeness”.

Do doctors personal lives while not at work impact their ability to do their work?

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