#450: Silver (alert) Foxes

*Featured image by Mike Ward


The evils of ‘Kindergarten Cop’, Q “loses’”power, has TESD lost its fastball?


Walt Flanagan

Bryan Johnson

Brian Quinn


“How fucking stupid is it to let all these prisoners out because of covid. Now let’s talk about sending all the kids to school!” – Bry

“A Blonde adult is unusual” – Bry

“So they have to put up with a little loudness so you’re not dyin?” – Q about Bry’s generator.

“I’m disappointed in the fuckin’ trees in this area, we got pussy trees.” -Walt about the number of branches down.

“My boners are on point” – Q

“He’s fuckin’ going to be a fox whether it’s a brown fox, silver fox, or a red fox.” – Walt

“I’m comin’ Elizabeth!” -Bry as Redd Foxx

“I betcha it’s ALL missionary with Arnold.” – Walt

Memorable Moments:

The guys discuss the August 4 big storm as the hurricane touches down in NJ. Q may or may not be siphoning power from a nearby children’s hospital. A neighbor’s tree smashes through Q’s new fence and is now ignoring it.

The guys discuss firehouse politics and how Q says he would never take a promotion that would remove him from his house. Walt thinks he is like the fire chief that can’t relate to the common Joes Mike and Gitem.

Impractical Jokers may begin filming again soon with socially distant challenges.

The guys discuss the explosion in Beirut.

A rape suspect is released due to COVID concerns only to kill his accuser.

Bry tries to explain the soul to Sage and can’t quite find the words. Walk says it’s easy; “Souls are astral ghosts that look like you.” The movie Ghost is discussed.

Walt wonders if TESD lost it’s fastball.

A showing of Kindergarten Cop is cancelled because of the “political climate” involving police in schools


Image by Eric Mason

Trader Joe elects to keep ethnic names like Trader Jose because people rallied against removing them.

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